When I came to you out of all that dust and heat and toil, I positively smelt violets at once. But not the sweet violet - you know, that early dark violet that smells of melting snow and spring grass.

Leon Tolstoi

Leon Tolstoi

Profession: Author
Nationality: Russian

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I've always loved you, and when you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be.

He walked down, for a long while avoiding looking at her as at the sun, but seeing her, as one does the sun, without looking.

At such moments Princess Mary would think how intellectual work dries men up.

Energy rests upon love; and come as it will, there's no forcing it.

Spring, love, happiness! Are you not weary of that stupid, meaningless, constantly repeated fraud? Always the same and always a fraud! There is no spring, no sun, no happiness!

She did not want to talk of her sorrow, but with that sorrow in her heart she could not talk of outside matters.

What does it mean that thirty thousand men, not athletes but rather weak and ordinary people, have subdued two hundred million vigorous, clever, capable, and freedom-loving people? Do not the figures make it clear that it is not the English who have enslaved the Indians, but the Indians who have enslaved themselves?

I consider jealousy to be insulting to you and degrading to me.

She was one of those creatures which seem only not to speak because the mechanism of their mouth does not allow them to.

God. It all blew off his soul like dust. To whom was he to turn if not to Him in whose hands he felt himself, his soul and his love to be?

No," he said to himself, "however good that life of simplicity and toil may be, I cannot go back to it. I love HER.

The dog gave the meat to the ass and the ass gave hay to the dog and both went hungry.

With all my soul I longed to be in a position to join with the people in performing the rites of their faith, but I could not do it. I felt that I would be lying to myself, mocking what was sacred to me, if I were to go through with it.

Moreover, he felt vaguely that what he called his convictions were not only ignorance but were a way of thinking that made the knowledge he needed impossible.