I do give books as gifts sometimes, when people would rather have one than a new Ferrari.

Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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All you have, is how you live.

Greater self-awareness, he'd told Rocky on a night when sleep wouldn't come, doesn't make a species any happier, pal. If it did, we'd have fewer psychiatrists and barrooms...

But in a nation that had nearly spent its way into bankruptcy, sturdy locks and a perimeter alarm were the preferred form of security, because they didn't require salaries, health care, and pensions.

Every day we make our way through a moral forest, along pathways ever branching. Often we get lost.

He had the restraint that came from training and the capacity for reciprocal affection that in animals—perhaps in people as well—grew from being loved.

Bleachy ozone tingled in my sinuses, but I trusted providence to prevent a sneeze, refused to worry, declined to dwell on negative possibilities, and I did not sneeze, did not sneeze, still did not sneeze, but then I farted.

I didn't tell her that death lies dormant in each of us and will bloom in time.

To see the world as it is, instead of through the shadow that you cast upon it.

Although I am, figuratively speaking, a brother to the moon.

The world is full of broken people. Splints, casts, miracle drugs, and time can't mend fractured hearts, wounded hearts, wounded minds, torn spirits.

Such grief might be to them quite delicious, a delicacy.

If you evoked that frown, what you feared was his disapproval, and when you learned that you had disappointed him, you realized that you needed his approval no less than you needed air, water, and food.

Over the centuries, the Miriams and the Bernies and the millions like them were the fonts of free and civil societies, which was why the likes of D. J. Michael so despised them and yearned to oppress them; freedom and civility were barriers to absolute power and to the adoration that the powerful could command of others.

The dimly lighted hallway smelled as if pastrami sandwiches had recently been heated in a microwave.