What an awful place to live in England is,... If it isn't snowing or raining or blowing it's misty. And if the sun does shine it's so cold that you can't feel your fingers or toes.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

Profession: Author
Nationality: British

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The syndicate was inclined to be despondent about it.

He had high blood pressure, said Molly. But surely there are things one takes nowadays—some kind of pill. Science is so wonderful.

My good Japp, is it possible that you throw the mud in my eyes? I know well enough that it is the Chinaman you suspect. But you are so artful. You want me to help you—and yet you drag the red kipper across the trail.

I feel that if I could sweep all this away . . . all the buildings and the sects and the fierce squabbling churches . . . that I might see Christ's quiet figure riding into Jerusalem on a donkey--and believe in him.

More children suffer from interference than from noninterference.

I had a lovely childhood in Ireland, riding, hunting, and a great big, bare, draughty house with lots and lots of sun in it. If you've had a happy childhood, nobody can take that away from you, can they? It was afterwards—when I grew up—that things seemed always to go wrong.

It was due to his tact, to his judgment, to his sympathetic manipulation of human beings that the atmosphere had always been such a happy one... If there was a change, therefore, the change must be due to the man at the top.

For, once there's a death, one doesn't like to think there's been harsh words spoken and no chance of taking them back.

The happiness of one man and one woman is the greatest thing in all the world.

I do really believe that, like so many liars, there is a real substratum of truth behind her lies.

Just exactly what's up on this train? It seems bughouse to me.

I should have known when I first saw that picture. For it is a very remarkable picture. It is the picture of a murderess painted by her victim-it is the picture of a girl watching her lover dies.

But Amyas was like all the Crales, a ruthless egoist. He loved Caroline but he never once considered her in any way. He did as he pleased.

He's like all the rest of these people; they make inflammatory speeches of enormous length, solely for political purposes, and then wish they hadn't.