Only fools imply compliments. The wise man comes right out with it, point-blank. Imply criticism--unless the criticized isn't within earshot.

William Faulkner

William Faulkner

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: American

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Ever since then I have believed that God is not only a gentleman and a sport; he is a Kentuckian too.

Talk, talk, talk: the utter and heartbreaking stupidity of words.

It is a happy faculty of the mind to slough that which conscience refuses to assimilate.

They all talked at once, their voices insistent and contradictory and impatient, making of unreality a possibility, then a probability, then an incontrovertible fact, as people will when their desires become words.

Women will show pride and honor about almost anything except love ...

When I have one martini, I feel bigger, wiser, taller. When I have a second, I feel superlative. When I have more, there's no holding me.

She was bored. She loved, had capacity to love, for love, to give and accept love. Only she tried twice and failed twice to find somebody not just strong enough to deserve it, earn it, match it, but even brave enough to accept it.

Maybe you have to know anybody awful well to love them but when you have hated somebody for forty-three years you will know them awful well so maybe it's better then maybe it's fine then because after forty-three years they cant any longer surprise you or make you either very contented or very mad.

I realised that a nigger is not a person so much as a form of behavior.

Maybe times are never strange to women: it is just one continuous monotonous thing full of the repeated follies of their menfolks.

I write when I am inspired and I make sure I am inspired every day.

Nothing can destroy the good writer. The only thing that can alter the good writer is death. Good ones don't have time to bother with success or getting rich.

The phenomenon of war is its hermaphroditism: the principles of victory and of defeat inhabit the same body and the necessary opponent, enemy, is merely the bed they self-exhaust each other on.

The saddest thing about love, Joe, is that not only the love cannot last forever, but even the heartbreak is soon forgotten.