Excess of grief, like excess of joy is a violent thing which lasts but a short time. The heart of man cannot remain long in one extremity.

Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo

Profession: Author
Nationality: French

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When one is at the end of one's life, to die means to go away; when one is at the beginning of it, to go away means to die.

You have done well to come and look at a man who is on the point of death. It is well that there should be witnesses at that moment.

To place the infinity here below in contact, by the medium of thought, with the infinity on high, is called praying.

They shall exist, and so long as society shall be what it is, they will be what they are. Under the dark vault of their cave, they are forever reproduced in the ooze. What is required to exorcise these goblins? Light. Light in floods. No bat resists the dawn. Illuminate society.

Want de liefde is als een boom, die vanzelf groeit, zijn wortels diep uit doet lopen in heel ons wezen en die blijft uitlopen ook als het hart verbrijzeld is.

So you're giving up? That's it? Okay, okay. We'll leave you alone, Quasimodo. We just thought, maybe you're made up of something much stronger.

Nothing like a soulful glance under the noses of the saints!

Sublime upon sublime scarcely presents a contrast, and we need a little rest from everything, even the beautiful.

He resolved to leave the convent.

The jostling of young minds against each other has this wonderful attribute, that one can never foresee the spark, nor predict the flash. What will spring up in a moment? Nobody knows.

The delight we inspire in others has this enchanting peculiarity that, far from being diminished like every other reflection, it returns to us more radiant than ever.

The sacred law of Jesus Christ governs our civilization, but it does not, as yet, permeate it; it.

Death belongs only to God. By what right to men tamper with a thing so unknowable?

Wine, for serious drunks, enjoys only a limited success. There is, concerning inebriation, black magic and white magic; wine is only white magic.