They asked do you love her to death?

Mahmoud Darwish

Mahmoud Darwish

Profession: Poet
Nationality: Palestinian

Some suggestions for you :

This peace will leave us as a cluster of dust...

When a writer declares that his first book is his best, that is bad. I progress successively from book to book.

I want to find a language that transforms language itself into steel for the spirit--a language to use against these sparkling insects, these jets.

The importance of poetry is not measured, finally, by what the poet says but by how he says it.

Exile is more than a geographical concept. You can be an exile in your homeland, in your own house, in a room.

Have I had two roads, I would have chosen their third.

The Arabs are ready to accept a strong Israel with nuclear arms - all it has to do is open the gates of its fortress and make peace.

I've built my homeland, I've even founded my state - in my language.

Some people ask, 'How do you attract the young and so many different people when your poetry is complicated and different?' I say, 'My accomplishment is that my readers trust me and accept my suggestions for change.'

Where can I free myself of the homeland in my body?

I love women whose hidden desires make horses put an end to their lives at the threshold.

I don't decide to represent anything except myself. But that self is full of collective memory.

If the Olive Trees knew the hands that planted them, Their Oil would become Tears.

We have on this earth what makes life worth living: April's hesitation, the aroma of bread at dawn, a woman's point of view about men, the works of Aeschylus, the beginning of love, grass on a stone, mothers living on a flute's sigh and the invaders' fear of memories.