In time, he said with a sigh, I found a woman in a lowly hut, a cunning woman, a healer, such a thing as men call a witch and a hag. Hesketh was her name. She was a prisoner of hideousness as was I.

Anne Rice

Anne Rice

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: American

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Silence. All around him silence, wrapping up his spoken words and making them loud. Making them sharp in the stillness, like a movement, like a drop in temperature. Silence.

In the story of the prince and the frog, there's always a frog. This story ... it has no frog.

I watched him rise from the coffin, with slow, elegant gestures; our gestures, for we are the only beings who routinely rise from coffins.

So we reach into the raging chaos, and we pluck some small glittering thing, and we cling to it, and tell ourselves it has meaning, and that the world is good, and we are not evil, and we will all go home in the end.

Life is a tragedy, one way or another. What is certain is that you die.

Fear and music and blood and pain. That was still his existence.

The highest truths a person could discover were rooted in the natural world.

We will eat the figs of our own tree, and the grapes of our own garden.

Of course there is a way to stop the rampant spread of beauty. It has to do with regimentation, conformity, assemblyline aesthetics, and the triumph of the functional over the haphazard.

He had not perished. That might be his only significant accomplishment. He had survived. Yes, he'd been defeated, more than once. But fortune had refused to release him. And he was here now, whole, and quietly accepting of the fact though he honestly did not know why.

I enjoy the Web site a lot and I like being able to talk to my readers. I've always had a very close relationship with them.

The Romans can not be condemned for the conquest of Egypt; we were conquered by time itself in the end. And all the wonders of this brave new century should draw me from my grief and yet I can not heal my heart; and so the mind suffers; the mind closes as if it were a flower without sun.

Does anybody look better in rags than me?

You don't have to take upon yourself the burden of murder or madness to be free of this place. Surly there must be other ways.