If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen

Profession: Author
Nationality: British

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I have often observed that resignation is never so perfect as when the blessing denied begins to lose somewhat of its value in our estimation.

To look almost pretty is an acquisition of higher delight to a girl who has been looking plain for the first fifteen years of her life than a beauty from her cradle can ever receive.

It was a sweet view-sweet to the eye and the mind. English verdure, English culture, English comfort, seen under a sun bright, without being oppressive.

How wonderful, how very wonderful the operations of time,* and the changes of the human mind!' And.

How quick come the reasons for approving what we like.

Mr. Collins was to attend them, at the request of Mr. Bennet, who was most anxious to get rid of him, and have his library to himself.

You take delight in vexing me. You have no compassion for my poor nerves.

Warmth and enthusiasm did captivate her still. She felt that she could so much more depend upon the sincerity of those who sometimes looked or said a careless or a hasty thing, than of those whose presence of mind never varied, whose tongue never slipped.

They all went indoors with their new friends, and found rooms so small as none but those who invite from the heart could think capable of accommodating so many.

To be sure you know no actual good of me, but nobody thinks of that when they fall in love.

A woman in love with one man cannot flirt with another.

You need not hurry when the object is only to prevent my saying a bon mot, for there is not the least wit in my nature. I am a very matter-of-fact, plain-spoken being, and may blunder on the borders of a repartee for half an hour together without striking it out.

Mr. Darcy drew his chair a little towards her, and said, You cannot have a right to such very strong local attachment. You cannot have been always at Longbourn.

Her resentment of such behaviour, her indignation at having been its dupe, for a short time made her feel only for herself.