He had the raw, rough voice of one who had marinated his larynx in whiskey and slow-cooked it in years of cigarette smoke.

Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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In life, little happens by chance, and most bad hands we're dealt are the consequence of our actions, which are shaped by our wisdom and our ignorance.

I have learned a great deal from novels. Some of it is even true.

She was plagued again by the feeling that the room in which she stood, the earth on which it was built, and the universe in which it turned were as insubstantial as smoke, subject to sudden change.

This was a world that didn't reward flight. Whenever you fled from anything, you inevitably fled into its equivalent.

If there's nothing to learn because we know it all, what's the challenge? Why would the effort matter? What would be the point? - Odd Thomas.

Everything now depends on mutual trust, Addison Goodheart. Sit down or go. There can be no third choice.

On her deathbed... I tell her she is as good a soul as I have ever met or hope to meet, that she is an angel in the flesh, and that I will speak her name to God every night of my life before I go to sleep.

A frightened, angry, four-hundred-pound, antisocial chef with a combat shotgun never leads to anything good.

One of them bit off part of his ear.

His love was an architect that entirely remade the reality of the chapel, transforming it into a cathedral as grand as any in the world.

He'd covered the lens with a piece of blue painter's tape. But rumors abounded that computers made in the past two years, which his had been, contained a second, hidden camera—a so-called Orwell eye—that looked out from behind the screen.

Your mind always does worse things than people can show in a movie.

Funny, how one good cookie could calm the mind and even elevate a troubled soul.

Self-identified intellectuals were among the most dangerous people on the planet.