Love is the most melodious of all harmonies and the sentiment of love is innate. Woman is a delightful instrument of pleasure, but it is necessary to know its trembling strings, to study the position of them, the timid keyboard, the fingering so changeful and capricious which befits it.

Honore De Balzac

Honore De Balzac

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: French

Love is the most melodious of all harmonies and the sentiment of love is innate. Woman is a delightf.. Honore De Balzac

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Alas! Where love is concerned, self-interested deception is superior to the truth itself, which is why so many men pay so high a price to clever deceivers.

Men die in despair, while spirits die in ecstasy.

A line is a method of expressing the effect of light upon an object; but there are no lines in Nature, everything is solid. We draw by modeling, that is to say, that we disengage an object from its setting; the distribution of the light alone gives to a body the appearance by which we know it.

True love rules especially through memory.

It is the mark of a great man that he puts to flight all ordinary calculations. He is at once sublime and touching, childlike and of the race of giants.

A lover always thinks of his mistress first and himself second; with a husband it runs the other way.

For avarice begins where poverty ends.

We women never care about anything that no one else will take.

I am a galley slave to pen and ink.

If you are to judge a man, you must know his secret thoughts, sorrows, and feelings; to know merely the outward events of a man's life would only serve to make a chronological table — a fool's notion of history.

The virtues we acquire, which develop slowly within us, are the invisible links that bind each one of our existences to the others -- existences which the spirit alone remembers, for matter has no memory for spiritual things.

So he immolated himself. He made the sacrifice because he was a father; he went into voluntary exile. His daughters were satisfied, so he thought that he had done the best thing he could; but it was a family crime, and father and daughters were accomplices.

If laws and principles were fixed and invariable, nations would not change them as readily as we change our shirts.

The country is provincial; it becomes ridiculous when it tries to ape Paris.