I wouldn't even get elected. I'd probably deck a couple of people, too which would not play very well with the national media.

Tim Robbins

Tim Robbins

Profession: Actor
Nationality: American

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I don't think people have been able to deal with the fact that African American filmmakers can make movies about life and relationships.

There are dumb actors. But there are dumb politicians and dumb bakers.

It simply comes down to this Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying.

I've used drugs that I do consider to be dangerous, drugs that are potentially detrimental to kids and society at large.

There are a great number of Republicans who are economically conservative but have hearts and a consciousness about their country.

Bush is very clever. When the debate should have been about the deterioration of our cities and the lack of action by government, he sent in his idiot to make an outrageous statement about Murphy Brown.

I love iconoclasts. I love individuals. I love people that are true to themselves, whatever the cost.

Americans accept that gangsters are running the government.

I mean, what are they scared of? Who's going to vote for anyone from the Communist Party, for God's sake?

I've been lucky-my looks haven't put me into one category. I don't look like a blue blood. I don't look like a criminal. I don't look like anything.

I started getting on my feet and clowning around, and they ended up putting me in a play when I was 12. And I was hooked.

Susan is just great. I know I'm biased, but she's a great actress.

New York is not conductive to theater. New York does not encourage its young. It does not encourage experimentation.

Considering the fact that I've used it in the past, and know what it is, and seen the results of it, I don't view marijuana as a dangerous drug.