Convictions are prisons.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche

Profession: Philosopher
Nationality: German

Convictions are prisons. Friedrich Nietzsche

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The strength of a person's spirit would then be measured by how much 'truth' he could tolerate, or more precisely, to what extent he needs to have it diluted, disguised, sweetened, muted, falsified.

I attack only things that are triumphant — if necessary, I wait until they become triumphant.

I set apart with high reverence the name of Heraclitus. When the rest of the philosopher crowd rejected the evidence of the senses because these showed plurality and change, he rejected their evidence because they showed things as if they possessed duration and unity.

When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.

And what ye have called the world shall but be created by you: your reason, your likeness, your will, you love, shall it itself become! and verily, for your bliss...

Punishment.—A strange thing, our punishment! It does not cleanse the criminal, it is no atonement; on the contrary, it pollutes worse than the crime does.

A journey is not complete until you reach a destination.

With thunder and heavenly fireworks must one speak to indolent and somnolent senses. But beauty's voice speaketh gently: it appealeth only to the most awakened souls.

He who is a firstling is ever sacrificed.

O Solitude! You are my home, Solitude!

There is always some madness in love. But there is always, also, some method in madness.

All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man? What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment...

One loves ultimately one's desires, not the thing desired.

An artist chooses his subjects.. that is the way he praises.