Love is eternal for as long as it lasts.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: Colombian

Love is eternal for as long as it lasts. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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I reach my end, for artless I surrendered to one who is my undoing and my end.

At dawn, after a summary court martial, Arcadio was shot against the wall of the cemetery. In the last two hours of his life he did not manage to understand why the fear that had tormented him since childhood had disappeared.

Hildebranda had a universal conception of love, and she believed that whatever happened to one love affected all other loves throughout the world.

For at the height of pleasure he had experienced a revelation that he could not believe, that he even refused to admit, which was that his illusory love for Fermina Daza could be replaced by an earthly passion.

Life at sea had saturated his memory with too many things to remember.

It is life, more than death, which has no limits.

She wanted to be herself again, to recover all that she had been obliged to give up in half a century of servitude that had doubtless made her happy but which, once her husband was dead, did not leave her even the vestiges of her identity.

It was so hot that noon that the bird in their confusion were running into walls like clay pigeons and breaking through screens to die in the bedrooms.

He was surprised to discover that when rich people were starving they looked so much like the poor.

They entrenched themselves in their preferences, their beliefs, their prejudices, and closed ranks against everything that was different.

I knew what she thought of them by the changes in her silence.

She said: It is as if he were not a person but only a shadow.

The surprise lay in the third niche of the high altar, on the side where the Gospels were kept. The stone shattered at the first blow of the pickax, and a stream of living hair the intense color of copper spilled out of the crypt.

At the beginning of the road into the swamp they put up a sign that said MACONDO and another larger one on the main street that said GOD EXISTS.