When people have not the same ideas, it is certainly better not to talk about them.

Emile Zola

Emile Zola

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: French

When people have not the same ideas, it is certainly better not to talk about them. Emile Zola

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How evil life must be if it were indeed necessary that such imploring cries, such cries of physical and moral wretchedness, should ever and ever ascend to heaven!

Jean-Louis had never had a day's illness in his life. He was tall and as gnarled as an oak. The sun had baked his skin until it had the colour and toughness and stillness of a tree. With advancing years, he had lost his tongue. He now never spoke, considering such an activity pointless.

Men were springing up, a black avenging host was slowly germinating in the furrows, thrusting upward for the harvests of future ages. And very soon their germination would crack the earth asunder.

Whenever he had spoilt a piece of work he always set himself below the meanest labourer who had at least brawn enough to do his job.

The vision that had emerged from the invisible was returning to the invisible. It was no more an appearance that was fading away, having created an illusion. All is but a dream. And, at the peak of happiness, Angélique had vanished, in the faint breath of a kiss.

He beheld Lourdes, contaminated by Mammon, turned into a spot of abomination and perdition, transformed into a huge bazaar, where everything was sold, masses and souls alike!

Lastly, I accuse the first court-martial of having violated the law by condemning an accused person on one document kept secret, and I accuse the second court-martial of having, in obedience to orders, covered this illegality by committing in its turn the judicial crime of knowingly acquitting a guilty person.

In the sudden change that had come over her heart she no longer recognized herself.

Vines will be planted, corn will spring up, a whole growth of new crops; and people will still fall in love in vintages and harvests yet to come. Life is eternal; it is a perpetual renewal of birth and growth.

Sin became a luxury, a flower set in her hair, a diamond fastened on her brow.

No, the only good in life lay in not being - or, if one had to be, then in being a tree, a stone, or even less than that, the grain of sand that cannot bleed beneath the grinding heel of a passer-by.

Don't go looking at me like that because you'll wear your eyes out.

With other women he had not been able to touch their flesh without experiencing the desire to devour it, as though ravenous with an abominable hunger to butcher them. But this one, could he then love her, and not kill her?

In Paris, everything's for sale: wise virgins, foolish virgins, truth and lies, tears and smiles.