Most people don't recognize me, but they know my name. TSA people rarely recognize my name, ironically, and they are the security people.

Frank Abagnale

Frank Abagnale

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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I didn't sit outside the bank and plan. I just went in and ad libbed because I was so young. But I was smart enough to know I would absolutely get caught.

Unlike most divorces, where the children were usually the first to know, my parents were very good about keeping that a secret.

Too many of us are vulnerable, and I look forward to working with AARP to advise people about the safest ways to conduct their financial transactions and manage social media.

I never use debit cards. I only use credit cards. This way, if someone does get my account number... and charges $1 million, by federal law, my liability is zero.

I wasn't a Pan Am pilot or any other kind of pilot.

I taught at the FBI for four decades - how to think outside of the box and deal with social engineering.

Airline pilots are men to be admired and respected. Men to be trusted. Men of means. And you don't expect an airline pilot to be a local resident. Or a check swindler.

As the lawyer, I found most of it was a matter of research, which I was great at - that's what I did to death - and then basically persuading people that you're right, and they're wrong... I found that the easiest of all the professions to impersonate.

What I did in my youth is hundreds of times easier today. Technology breeds crime.

I owe a debt to my country 800 times greater than I could ever repay.

If I had been brilliant or a genius, I wouldn't have needed to break the law just to survive.

Christopher Walken and Nathalie Baye played my parents so well that I really thought I was in my living room at Christmas. My mother couldn't have been played more correctly.

You get to a point in your life where you go, 'I don't remember what I did.'

I don't use a debit card. The safest thing is a credit card because you're using the bank's money. If someone accesses your information, they are stealing the bank's money, not yours.