I'm a huge proponent of eating real food and eating a lot if it.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins

Profession: Wrestler
Nationality: American

Some suggestions for you :

Doing fight scenes in movies is a lot different than in WWE, but it was still relatively easy.

My go-to is always Chipotle when I can't find anything, but if I have the time in the evening or something like that after a show, I'll go find a local spot for a nice craft beer and a good burger or something like that.

Any time you have significant injury, it is about the perspective, how you attack it.

SummerSlam is always huge. I look at it like it is Wrestlemania.

As long as the title's on the line, that's the match I want to be in.

If the opportunity came about, I would have no problem taking on The Rock at WrestleMania - sounds like a good time to me.

Getting to share the ring with guys I idolized is never going to stop being surreal for me.

I try not be an evildoer on the Internet.

If you've never been to a live WWE event, it's pretty awesome. A few hours of action-packed family fun. Bring everybody, from your babies to your grandparents.

Over the course of three years or so, I've been able to create a nice little Rolodex of CrossFit gyms. I've ingratiated myself to the community, and that allows for a much more accessible training session as far as privacy is concerned.

I've got a good set of eyeballs on me, so I can spot talent.

I perform better under pressure. If I go out there, and I'm not nervous, and I'm too relaxed, I don't like that vibe. I like big matches. I like pressure situations.

Usually, I get a bowl from Chipotle with rice and veggies and some meat and gotta get some guac on there because that's the best part.

I'm not mean to fans because I'm a bad guy. I'm mean to them because they're rude.