When the ball isn't in my hands, I'm already scanning for where the next pass is going.

Draymond Green

Draymond Green

Profession: Athlete
Nationality: American

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When you're 250 pounds, you can push more people around, but you can't move as fast or jump as high.

I think when you look around this league, so much is scripted. And not scripted in a sense that the league is scripted, but when guys talk, it's like, 'Say this. Yeah, come out and say that.' Like, nah, I'm not doing that. I'm going to say what's on my mind. I'm going to say what's on my heart. It's just genuine speaking.

All 'potential' means to me is that you haven't proved anything.

I think complacency is what you allow it to be.

There is no chip coming off of my shoulder because, at the end of the day, you're still going to continue to be doubted.

I refuse to be outworked, and I consider myself to have the heart of a lion.

Think about the deflections. The offense can't score every play. They're just trying to get a good shot. If I can deflect a pass, even if it doesn't cause a turnover, it will throw their timing off half-a-second. That half-a-second might mess up their shot.

You learn from adversity more than anything because it allows you to see so much. It really allows you to see things in a different way.

I just go out and play my game. Just making sure I keep doing those little things, like playing with toughness, that's just me.

You couldn't play if you weren't tough. You'd get bullied. Everybody who comes through the Civitan Recreation Center has to be tough. It's what we breed.

At the end of the day, before basketball, before anything, I'm a man.

Playing point guard is someone's instincts. They're used to that. That's my instincts.

I'm human, and I make mistakes.

I can't worry about techs. I've got to play my game.