Adelaide's charms are compelling. It's not a huge place; the size is manageable, the traffic absurdly light.

Miriam Margolyes

Miriam Margolyes

Profession: Actress
Nationality: British

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I am not the sort of person who divests myself of everything that came before I came to Australia. I want to take all the knowledge and experiences I gained when I was in England and put it at the service of Australia because I have to bring something to Australia - not just money but myself.

I'd have thought my particular brand of quirkiness, combined with sharp intelligence and a fine voice, would have yielded more. But it hasn't. Yet!

I do say things possibly other people don't say. So I shouldn't be too surprised when they are picked up.

I don't think people realise how important it is to have your blood pressure checked. Stroke is so sudden, so catastrophic.

While researching my ancestry I have unearthed many skeletons. It would seem that I come from a long line of ne'er-do-wells, especially on my mother's side.

I've always felt that Donald Trump was a Dickensian character because he is so ridiculous. With his hair and his arrogance, he is certainly Dickensian in his absurdity.

I had a very good kiss from Bob Monkhouse once. I thought, 'If I was straight, I would go for Bob.'

My mother died of a stroke in 1974, and for a long time, I blamed myself. She was utterly devastated when I told her I was a lesbian not long before.

I don't for a second regret my closeness to them because they were wonderful, golden parents who gave me so much confidence.

I have to keep working because, although I have land, I'm not cash rich and don't have the wealth of high-profile actresses - don't say I'm an 'actor.' That's a bit too modern.

Israel is stupid for allowing people to vent their anti-Semitism.

I was terribly upset not to be in 'Dickensian,' so I pretend to look down on it. The part I should have played, Mrs. Gamp, is done brilliantly by Pauline Collins, but I entered this world for no other reason than to play that part.

I'm not a comedian, but I do make people laugh. I'm good at it.

I think life is sweeter shared; and if anything were to happen to my partner, I would find it really hard without her because she's the perfect person for my life.