Golf is the only game I know where you call a foul on yourself.

Joe Torre

Joe Torre

Profession: Athlete
Nationality: American

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Baseball, while you're doing it, you think it's going to last forever.

I can understand the fact you don't want the ball slipping out of a pitcher's hand because someone can get hurt.

When I became the manager of the New York Yankees, it was an opportunity to realize my lifelong dream of winning the World Series. We were fortunate enough to succeed in our first season in 1996, and in the years that followed, we wrote some great new chapters in Yankee history.

I don't have a great deal of stress job-wise in my life, and that feels good.

Unless you have bad times, you can't appreciate the good times.

When I was coming home from school as a youngster, and I saw my dad's car in the driveway, I would go to a friend's house. I connected my dad being there with fear.

You have to fix something when it first appears.

I have no problem with cheating. Whatever you can get away with.

I think that winning creates chemistry, as opposed to other way around. I've been on a lot of friendly teams that couldn't win, trust me.

'Million Dollar Arm' touches on many of the Safe At Home Foundation's core values, such as children, teamwork and family.

Chicago is a pretty good town.

You hear the word 'cancer,' it scares you. You think of death.

It's nice to have writers write nice things about you and guys on radio and TV say nice things about you, but the guy who's in the locker next to you is the one you play the game for.

I believe anybody who is not afraid to fail is a winner.