The Free Body Culture gave me a gift I might never have received had I refused to play along. It left me with an acute sense of the absurd - one I still cherish - to be there among my fellow apes, awkward and less than half-willing, aiming and missing, leaping, landing and wincing.

Lydia Millet

Lydia Millet

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: American

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You need not fear my extinction. Fear my proliferation! I've already reproduced!

For almost two centuries, American gray wolves, vilified in fact as well as fiction, were the victims of vicious government extermination programs. By the time the Endangered Species Act was passed in 1973, only a few hundred of these once-great predators were left in the lower 48 states.

I used to try to write around the edges, but now I try to walk a more direct line.

It's a friendly act to write a lighthearted book.

There has to be space for play in literature. We all need some breathing room.

You're lucky if people like your book, and the more people that like it, the luckier I feel.

If I can't find a way to love it, I let it go. Kind of the opposite of the popular homily.

'Dept. of Speculation' contains numerous enviable lines.

The grizzly bears that live in and around Yellowstone make up almost half the population in the lower 48 states, and now those bears are at risk.

Economic and health statistics, as well as police-violence statistics, shed light on the pressures on American Indian communities and individuals: Indian youths have the highest suicide rate of any United States ethnic group.

Both climate change and extinction are results of our tyranny over the nonhuman world and our domination of, and exploitation of, whole categories of each other - and those, in turn, are clearly linked to agriculture, the cattle-industrial complex, capitalism.

Names and other proper nouns shouldn't distract from the language.

As soon as a regular guy like Bill Clinton becomes the president, he wears a mantle of greatness. He's the president.

I came to understand that a German nudist, in 1984, loved little more than to work on his or her tan.