I do not live off canned soup.

Charles Best

Charles Best

Profession: Entrepreneur
Nationality: American

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No matter the circumstances, teachers show up each day ready to give their students every opportunity possible, and they never give up.

We've long believed teachers know best what their students need to succeed, and that includes the creation of healthy, supportive school communities.

Imagine someone with $10 finding a classroom project that speaks to them personally, seeing where their money is going, and realizing that they don't need to be a millionaire to make a difference.

Our partnership with Dick's Sports Matter program aligns perfectly with our mission to address inequity in schools nationwide.

In the sixth grade, I planned to start my own business making custom fishing lures.

To get DonorsChoose.org to scale, we first need to increase the viral appeal of our website.

I think it's the strength of the idea that's made Donors Choose work, not me. I mean, I'm determined, and I work hard, but so does everyone else.

If you track your organization's creativity by the number of brainstorms on your calendar, you're missing out. It's more important to capture those unplanned sparks of inspiration that so often come when we're cooking dinner, taking a shower, or commuting to work.

Our brains are designed to solve some of our most complex problems when we're distracted by routine habits.

Within a single school, teachers often encounter differences in poverty levels, parent involvement, and student readiness.

I was lucky enough to go to boarding school for my high school years, and I had all the resources that I possibly could needed - squash courts and every book you ever would have wanted, every art supply.

At DonorsChoose.org, we've seen what technology can do for a classroom. We make it easy for teachers to request the materials they need most for their classrooms and for donors to make a meaningful contribution to education.

We aren't prescribing anything. We're not claiming to be the experts. We aren't advocating for or against any program. We are going to create a platform that says very explicitly what it is that teachers experience in their classrooms.

Students who learn to collaborate and negotiate - on Capitol Hill, in the board room, in everyday life - will outperform peers who have higher test scores.