My mother died of a stroke in 1974, and for a long time, I blamed myself. She was utterly devastated when I told her I was a lesbian not long before.

Miriam Margolyes

Miriam Margolyes

Profession: Actress
Nationality: British

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The American actor is much more used to being physically relaxed and using their bodies better, and English actors are a little bit unrelaxed, but they're better at vocal technique.

I was waiting for a train at Waverley Station in Edinburgh. My knee was hurting, so I asked a young man for his seat. He replied, 'There's one over there'. I said, 'Please', and when he refused I poured my water over him.

Sydney has taken my money, Melbourne has my respect, but Adelaide has taken my heart; I shall return.

My vocabulary is vast and expert, and I don't think I overuse any word.

Anti-Semitism is a rotten thing. It's an ignorant, stupid, horrible thing. As is anti-Muslim feeling. They have to be together.

I still miss my parents every day; I adored them. And when you have no children, friends are even more important to you.

People tend to think I'm funny and fluffy, but I can switch on a sixpence from extreme happiness to utter despair. I'm aware that doesn't make it easy for people sometimes.

What most infuriates me is the cell phones. If I see someone texting during the show, I walk off the stage.

One of the worst things about ageing is the waning of your physical powers. I live in a house with 64 stairs, and I cannot run up and down them any more; my knee has conked out.

I very much regret that I haven't been taken more seriously. I would love to have been at the National or the RSC.

People who were gay were pitied and ridiculed by my parents - they had no modern sense of people being allowed to be who they were.

While researching my ancestry I have unearthed many skeletons. It would seem that I come from a long line of ne'er-do-wells, especially on my mother's side.

I enjoy finding the right word and giving each its full measure, its full space in a sentence.

I've burnt my boats, and there they are - smouldering in public view.