Graduating business school, I had $150,000 of debt. An investment firm offered me a steady job, but it didn't feel right. It was 2007 in Silicon Valley, and I dreamed of starting an Internet company.

Andy Dunn

Andy Dunn

Profession: Entrepreneur
Nationality: American

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I want to be Batman.

My definition of gender expands beyond just two genders.

From Nike, we buy victory. From Under Armour, we buy protection. From Lululemon, we buy zen. From Patagonia, we buy conservation. From BMW, we buy performance.

The more defensive and angry I get, the more I later discover those feelings are usually just projections of feelings I am having towards myself.

We do not talk enough about spirit in business, yet it is what moves employees, customers, and shareholders alike.

Sometimes, to move into the future, you must go back the past.

Most of the time, when you need something at a company, you make it. If you want to sell a product, you create it. If you need a head of marketing, you hire one. If you want to create a great company culture, what do you do? The lack of a clear answer on this is why I believe most companies don't have a great culture.

Too many entrepreneurs think their valuation is the real economic price of their company. It's not. It's not a real economic price unless you are selling 100%.

Maybe everyone lives forever. Or maybe, like in the animated movie 'Coco,' only those whose stories get told by the living definitely do. It takes a story worth telling.

Leadership is inspiring people. Management is keeping the trains running on time.

I've been in thousands of conversations dripping with misogyny. I've initiated many of those conversations myself. From my fraternity roots to my bachelor days in New York, I know I have not always shown up in ways that I am proud of.

You don't think, when you start a company as the founding CEO, that if your venture actually works, you end up with three jobs: founder, CEO, and chair of the board. The first eight years at Bonobos, I have learned a lot about the tension between the first two. It didn't even occur to me that I had the third job until much later.

I am particularly wary of authors who put themselves on the cover of their own book.

Oddly, I believe that emotional proximity we feel to close loved ones makes it hard to be honest with them about feelings of depression.