A guy like me, yes, I am good in terms of championship races, and that's where I dominate - but in terms of running fast times, I haven't quite done that.

Mo Farah

Mo Farah

Profession: Athlete
Nationality: British

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When I run for my country, I'm very proud to run for my country.

Records are there to be broken. Lots of people would love to swap their world record for an Olympic medal, but for me, my medals are there forever and ever, and that's what does it for me.

I believe no matter who you are, respect yourself, respect others.

Let me do what I do best. And that's to run and represent my country and make my country proud.

I put my body through hell. I run 120 miles a week, week in, week out.

Everything happens for a reason, so you shouldn't get wound up.

I'd heard a lot about Dubai before I first visited and couldn't wait to go.

The coach is the boss at the end of the day. I do whatever he tells me and don't ask questions.

I'd promised my older daughter Rhianna I was going to get a medal for her, and in my mind I was thinking, 'I can't let her down.'

As an athlete, you can train for so many years to be a 5K/10K runner. That's who you are, and it's hard to change that. Not using that technique - almost like a sprint - that's when you have to loosen up and just save as much energy as you can.

I'm away about six months of the year, competing here in the U.K. or in training camps in Arizona, Ethiopia, the Pyrenees.

I've got four kids, so I plan ahead. I have to book flights far in advance, look at accommodation, where it is, what you can and can't do. Same in running.

You imagine running 120 miles a week, week in, week out, for the past four or five years. It takes a little bit out of you.

What I do, it's part of my job, but you want to bring your kids up the right way and give them everything - to be there for them and have that connection.