Who buys cheap pays twice.

Man is the head and woman is the crown upon it.

The flour tastes bitter to the mouse who has had enough.

The one who first shuts up in an argument is from a good family.

Gold without wisdom is but clay.

Don't shake the tree when the pears fall off themselves.

Cabbage is best after it is reheated seven times.

He who accepts favors, pawns his freedom.

The gates of hell are always open, even at midnight.

Better to eat bread in peace, then cake amid turmoil.

In the darkness all cows are black.

He who blows into the wind gets smoke in his eyes.

Rented out his common sense.

A fool learns only at his own expense.

Where there is no order, everything is headed toward collapse.

You never know whom you may need.

Consider each day as your best day.

His reason has fallen down into his boots.

It oozed out of his head long ago.

He who lives nearest the church, always comes the latest.

Better an hour of thought than a year of regret.

The busy care little about gossip.

Don’t anger one to whom you must apologize tomorrow.

Kill your anger while it is small.

It is easier to criticize than to create.

If youth knew and old age could.

No one is born wise.

Misfortune teaches us to pray.

A good beginning is half the job.

 Even God does not satisfy all people.

Fear is worse than misfortune itself.

If you don’t use your head you have to use your feet.

Gratitude and wheat grow only in good soil .

Time and patience bring roses.

Others read your face, God your heart.

Each of us is the forger of his own happiness.

A handful of friendship is better than a wagon load of gold.

A kind word is better than cash.

The sun loves to peer into the home where love is.

The face - the picture of the soul.

So pleased. He keeps getting younger.

He can neither see nor hear from joy.

Want is the most resourceful master.

We disregard what we've got, always chasing what we've not.

Who is not grateful for a little does not deserve more.

Anger is the only thing to put off until tomorrow.

Love need no laws.

Honest labor is a form of prayer.

A good conscience makes a soft pillow.