Simplicity makes me happy.

Simplicity is a most complex form.

Simplicity is the most deceitful mistress that ever betrayed man.

Simplicity, carried to an an extreme, becomes elegance.

Simplicity will stand out, while complexity will get lost in the crowd.

Simplicity is the end result of long, hard work, not the starting point.

Simplicity is the friend of execution.

Simplicity is the nature of great souls.

Simplicity is the peak of civilization.

Simplicity is the essence of happiness.

Simplicity is comforting.

Simplicity is the shortest distance between two points.

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!

Simplicity is not a simple thing.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.

Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought.

Simplicity is the last step of art and the beginning of nature.

Simplicity without a name Is free from all external aim.

Simplicity is the key of elegance.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Simplicity is no virtue unless you are potentially complicated.

Simplicity is a matter of taste.

Simplicity is the glory of expression.

Words of wisdom comes out of simple people mouths.

To be simple is a pedestrian virtue, but to persevere in simplicity is a virtue of spiritual giants.

The simple man's the begger's brother.

A truly great man never puts away the simplicity of a child.

When I quote others I do so in order to express my own ideas more clearly.

A happy life consists in tranquility of mind.