Risk-taking is my thing... I think of my company as my chip stack.

Risk is trying to control something you are powerless over.

Risk more than others think safe.

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.

Risk is a part of God's game, alike for men and nations.

There's a risk in every jump.

She frisks about like a cat's tail i' the sun.

Nothing is gained without taking risks.

He who risks nothing can gain nothing.

He who eats cherries with gentlemen risks getting the pips in his nose.

Danger can never by overcome without taking risks.

Life is a constant risk, and anyone who forget this will be unprepared for the challenges that fate may have in store.

Life doesn't come with any guarantees. You have to risk it to get the biscuit.

I love Sufism as I love beautiful poetry, but it is not the answer. Sufism is like a mirage in the desert. It says to you, come and sit, relax and enjoy yourself for a while.

Every man has the right to risk his own life in order to preserve it. Has it ever been said that a man who throws himself out the window to escape from a fire is guilty of suicide?

Every man has a right to risk his own life for the preservation of it.

Beginnings are usually scary, and endings are usually sad, but its everything in between that makes it all worth living.

Wise men say nothing in dangerous times.

In America any boy may become President, and I suppose it's just one of the risks he takes.

Without danger we cannot get beyond danger.

You have to take the good with the bad.

You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

When you play, you may break your head.

When a door opens not to your knock, consider your reputation.

A small leak can sink a great ship.

If it isn't urgent, worry about it later.