Regret can power your telescope, changing what you see.

Regret is such a pointless emotion, don't you agree?

Regret is a waste of time.

Regret is poison that kills the soul.

Regret is a self-inflicted emotional scar.

Regret for wasted time is more wasted time.

When we quarrel, how we wish we had been blameless.

When people are taken out of their depths they lose their heads, no matter how charming a bluff they may put up.

What you spoke of just now was a mistake, not love.

You'll regret in vain when you scorn good advice.

Who promises a lot will regret a lot.

Who got it, did get it; and who left it, did regret it.

Who does not obey forbidding will regret afterwards.

The sins we often regret are the sins we never commit.

Take advice from the prudent and you'll never regret it.

Perform good deeds; you will not regret them.

One does not regret giving one's own ear-ring to one's dear friend.

Marry your children with their peers so you won't regret it someday.

I'll say such things that I'll regret even myself.

If you drink a belly full you'll regret it all day.

If regret was a horn, one's horn would reach the sky.

I regret that I have given what I have.

Fret today, regret tomorrow.

Forgive and regret much later.

Better not remove at all than do so and then regret it.

At Pentecost, he who does not celebrate lives to regret it.

A three day long merry-making and regret lasting till death.

A hundred years of regret pay not a farthing of debt.

Life is full of regrets, but it doesn't pay to look back.

We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work.

If the Olive Trees knew the hands that planted them, Their Oil would become Tears.

All of my misfortunes come from having thought too well of my fellows.

Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Regret nothing, and don't let people bring you down.

What you lose in the fire, you will find amongst the ashes.

When joy is extreme, it is the forerunner of grief.

When God wishes a man well, He gives him insight into his faults.

Once bitten, forever smitten.

Death is not the worst that can happen to men.