Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.

Pain is funnier than love.

Pain is no evil, unless it conquers us.

Pain and pleasure, like light and darkness, succeed each other.

Pain is temporary, film is forever.

Pain is life - the sharper, the more evidence of life.

Pain is the question mark turned like a fishhook in the human heart.

Pain has its reasons, pleasure is totally indifferent.

Pain engraves a deeper memory.

Pain is the great teacher of mankind. Beneath its breath souls develop.

Pain is pain. It needs no description.

Pain is never permanent.

Pain is just a feeling, and feelings aren't real.

Pain or love or danger makes you real again....

Pain was unimportant. Failure was unthinkable.

Pain is to be endured. It ends or it does not.

Pain was a torn piece of paper.

Pain marks you, but too deep to see.

Pain demands to be felt.

Pain was as much a part of life as breathing.

Pain distills. The clarifying emotion.

Pain is like fabric: The stronger it is, the more it's worth.

Pain enhances beauty.

Pain is never added to pain. It multiplies.

Pain is a part of growing-up. It is how we learn..

Pain made you strong. Loss made you powerful.

Pain is only what you allow it to be.

Pain is a message, and you can choose to ignore that message.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Say.

Pain rises. From the heart to the head pain rises.

Pain is part of growing up.It's how we learn.

Pain travels pretty well.

Pain hurts, just as greed intoxicates and lust burns.

Pain was as much a part of knighthood as were swords and shields.

Pain shot through his broken leg, beneath.

Pain marks you, but too deep to see. Out of sight, out of mind.

Pain is what gives rise to meditation.

Pain is a gift from the gods.

Pain enhances beauty. - Adelina Amouteru.

Pain was a tool, after all. Sometimes it was the best tool.

Pain is a message. Messages can be ignored.

Pain makes people change.

Pain is certain, suffering is optional.

Pain is real. But so is hope.

Pain is temporary but glory is forever.

Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit.

Pain is something to master, not to wallow in.

Pain is as diverse as man. One suffers as one can.

Pain does not matter to a man.