The barking of dogs does not hurt the clouds.

One bean does not make a whole meal.

The tongue has no bone yet it crushes.

Often the best way to give oneself what one lacks is to take from oneself what one has.

Better a patient man than a warrior, one who controls his temper than one who takes a city.

In the eyes of its mother every beetle is a gazelle.

An old cat will not learn how to dance.

The world has not promised anything to anybody.

The heart of a fool is in his mouth, the mouth of a wise man is in his heart.

Better a handful of dried figs and content with that, than to own the gate of peacocks and be kicked in the eye by a broody camel.

Friendship is honey - but don't eat it all.

You can't catch two frogs with one hand.

Work and you will be strong; sit and you will stink.

Whoever does not respect you, insults you.

What is here is elsewhere, what is not here is no where.

To the dog who has money, men say: my lord dog.

Three things cause sorrow to flee; water, green trees, and a beautiful face.

Though each path is different, there is only one way.

There is no queue at the gate of Patience.

There is no beauty but the beauty of action.

The world of humans is divided by lines, but the mind knows no limits, the heart no barriers.

The wind of heaven is that which blows between the horses ears.

The weight of the burden is known only by he who caries it.

The village gate can be closed, the mouth of the fool, never.

The tar of my country is better than the honey of others.

The sun cannot be covered by a net.

The same destiny awaits both the wise man and the fool.

The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love.

The pumpkin gives birth and the fence has the trouble.

The palm of ones hand does not eclipse the sun.

The moon and the stars are not above us, the earth is on the other side of our feet.

The mind is free and the slightest thought has great influence. It is therefore important that you think enlightened thoughts.

The jewel is in the lotus.

The hen lays an egg, and the cock feels the pain in his backside.

The hand you cannot bite, kiss.

The first thing one should own is a home; and it is the last thing one should sell; for a home is ones tomb this side of heaven.

The falcon does not struggle when he is caught.

The driver of an ass must by necessity know its wind.

The dreaming man makes excuses for his inaction and places a fools cap on his head.

The camel never sees his own hump, but that of his brother is always in his eyes.

The camel driver has his plans and the camel has his.

The best fighting is often against yourself.

That which you put into your soup kettle, comes latter onto your spoon.

Teaching in youth is like carving in stone.

Strong attachment is difficult -- it makes one mad or kills.

Strike a match above the sea of opinions and the fish all swim away.

Speech and action make the perfect conduct.

Some will learn through pain and sorrow, others through joy and laughter, so it is written.

Slowness comes from God and haste from the Devil.