Malta would be a nice place, if every knight were a tree.

The weather vane will not work without wind.

The cat and the rat never thought alike.

A cup must be bitter that a smile will not sweeten.

If god doesnt take a lawyer, the devil will haul him away.

A womans tongue cracks bones.

Money begets money, and fleas beget fleas.

Once you put on? the wedding ring you must submit to all that is necessary.

He who loves suffers.

Chasten thy son while there is hope.

Death rights everything.

Today me, tomorrow you.

Marriage is a lick of honey and a barrel of bitter.

The good cow gets sold in its own country.

The seller has one eye, the buyer, one hundred.

Where the heart loves, there the legs walk.

You cannot serve God and the devil.

Charm is stronger than beauty.

After bad weather comes fine weather.

Burn a good maltese; let alone a bad one.

Only death is certain.

He who follows his wife's advice will never see the face of god.

A woman has even cheated the devil.

What was is no more, what if is just if.

No one takes away anything with him.

In this world a pint of sweetness and a barrel of bitterness.

A cry and a sniff, and all comes to naught.

You can't buy heaven with money.

A woman is like a lemon; you squeeze her and throw her away.

Marry a man older than you and not a younger man, who will tire of you.

A neck without a head, buttocks without a hole and a girl without shame are not worth admiring or ma

We are all equal before death.

At night all women are alike.

A woman can raise you to heaven and can dump you in hell.

He who doesn't fart, lets out silent ones.

A cry, a sniff, and all comes to naught.

Death said to the man with his throat cut, "How ugly you look."

Do good and forget it; do ill and remember it.

We are all flesh and blood.

Women have got long hair and short sense.

A woman who does not understand by a look of the eye won't understand by a box of the fist.

One man's fault is another man's lesson.

The person who thinks about his own grief forgets about the grief of others.

If the man lets a woman know what he has got in his saving box, she will marry him for his money.

See a sheaf of corn in the morning and a young woman in the evening.

Asking is the sister of knowing.

Better an ache than a tear.

Long skirts carry dust, but short skirts carry away souls.

Better an old but wise man than a young but foolish man.