How much do we resemble that filthy brute the ape!

One man excels in one thing, another in another.

The more you give in, the more you have to give in.

By doing nothing men learn to do evil.

The crab would catch the hare!

Tide and time wait for no man.

Live your own life, for you will die your own death.

Fire, water, and government know nothing of mercy.

It is the part of a good shepherd to shear his flock, not to skin it.

It is best to learn wisdom from the follies of others.

Do as you would be done unto.

Deliberate often - decide once.

Honourable words by the bushel!

A fox is not caught twice in the same trap.

The bones for those who come late!

Fortune favors the bold, but abandons the timid.

It is no business of mine; may it go to the devil!

He who cannot even manage a yacht asks for a ship of burthen!

Frugality is a great revenue.

He that gapeth until he be fed, Well may he gape until he is dead.

Viper produces viper.

A clear conscience is a wall of brass.

In time of prosperity, friends will be plenty, In time of adversity, not one amongst twenty.

By writing you learn to write.

How quickly with all is a kindness forgotten!

The gifts of fortune do not always benefit us.

The reward of a thing rightly done is to have done it.

Frugality is an estate alone.

Confound those who have anticipated us in what we would have said!

It early pricks that will he a thorn.

No man has a worse friend than he brings with him from home.

What is there that love will not achieve?

The fool would teach the learned!

Death to the wolf is life to the lambs.

Dead men do not bite.

O ancient house, by what a different master are you presided over!

He labours in vain who attempts to please everybody.

Nourish the whelps of a wolf!

If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.

You would frighten a lion with a mask!

He is his own enemy.

The bust of Mercury cannot be cut from every wood.

It flies gently, but wounds deeply.

Walk on your own lands.

Like priest, like people.

No man can be happy without a friend, or be sure of his friend till he is unhappy.

An old woman would dance!

He should have a long spoon who sups with the devil.

Clodius impeaches the adulterers!