The mother keeps on caring for her daughter while the daughter keeps on craving for her husband.

It is not the thunder that causes the rain.

Forcing a bludgeon through a chinar trunk. Doing the impossible.

If you don't have an enemy, don't you have a cousin?

Unwanted meddling in affairs could prove harmful.

Bad times came to be; hens on thrones we were to see.

If it comes, it is golden; if it doesn't, it was made of grass.

To serve a mean man may not be profitable.

An idle person may have just three tasks: sleeping, eating and quarrelling.

Unity is equal to a thousand golden coins.

A simple meal at home is better than an elaborate one while away.

True religion is in one's heart.

It doesn't take time to change one's destiny.

People pretend to dislike what they cannot get.

Bolted windows with the door ajar.

Lice flourish in rags.

Economize expenditure.

First for self, then for the stranger.

One should set sails with the tide.

Diamond cuts diamond.

The healthy person experiences a healthy world.

Anyone can be trapped.

Clean your heart and mind of negative thoughts.

The wiser the man, the more in trouble.

Its tuff to find fools; ten in every other house.

One should strive to maintain one's honour.

You may adopt an indirect approach to reach your goal.

Don't build the bungalow on an inch of ground.

To smell one's own bosom is fit.

Good connections should pay.

She wants to have buttermilk, but has hidden the pot brought for it behind one's back.

Never scatter pearls for the cocks.

Bachelors want to get married, while married men regret that they did.

Saving the mustard seeds that are in your hand might cause you to miss out on getting a watermelon.

To show one's fist to a blind man is neither a sin nor a virtue.

The hen scratches and the chicken learns.

The sparrow feels comfortable on the thorn bush.

May God save me from the one I saved.

The bachelors crave it, and the married ones regret it.

Prosperity improves one's personality, adversity cripples it.

Food will last while the forests last.

It may be easier to perceive error than to find truth.

To serve a mean person, is to beat the earth.

Thunder is not the source of the rain.

One may be generous at heart, but may not be able to afford it.

A man loves his own shortcomings.

The innocent often pay for the acts of the guilty.

Good people are gentle.

The sufferer goes through hell till the truth comes out.