A good beginning is half success.

It is easier to destroy than to build.

He got out of the bucket and got into the pail.

Practice makes the master.

Work is burning under his hand.

A golden key fits every door.

A good neighbour is better than many bad kinsmen.

Opportunity bears the thief.

The big fish eats the little fish.

All roads lead to Rome.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

There is no medicine against death.

One fool makes a hundred.

He goes around it like a cat goes around hot mush.

Necessity breaks the law.

He gives twice who gives quickly.

Cleanliness is half-health.

He drinks like a brushmaker.

Mountain does not meet mountain but man does meet man.

The purpose consecrates the means.

A new broom sweeps well.

He who gains time, gains life.

He who climbs high, has a great fall.

Whom a serpent has bitten, is afraid of a lizard.

A bashful beggar will have an empty wallet.

The mills of God grind slowly, but surely.

Strike the iron while it is hot.

Man plans, God decides.

Bend the tree while is a twig.

He drinks like a fish.

There is no joy without sorrow.

You'd better have one hundred who envy you than one who is sorry for you.

You try to trade at a deserted place.

You should not only know what is right but also do it.

You may go to Kukutyin to sharpen oats.

You haven't yet caught the bird, still you are already plucking her.

You do not needed a basket to pick well-knows strawberries.

Without driving even a goat would not go to the market.

Wise men learn by others' harm.

Whosoever chooses to deny their past can not expect to find a future.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Who gets mixed up with garbage will be eaten by pigs.

Where there is no bridge the smallest plank is of great value.

Where there are many masters the servant becomes mad.

Where pig is proffered, go round with a sack.

Where one trusts, there he gets fat.

Where need is great, help is nearby.

Where is by now the snow of last year.

Where ambition begins happiness ends.