There is no room for two kings in one castle.

Barking dogs don't catch hares.

Silence is sometimes the answer.

The mistakes of others are good teachers.

Who eats a lot will make a mountain.

It is better to be without a wife for a minute than without tobacco for an hour.

Who is oily is also stingy.

Who talks a lot will get little done.

You shall have the good that you bring.

You cannot eat downwind, you will get the chaff in your eyes.

Wise is who admits he is still ignorant.

Whos's lazy when living will be lazy when dying.

Who works in sweat will eat with appetite.

Who works hard will feel no hunger.

Who works hard alone will gobble alone.

Who whisks himself on a Saturday will be punished by God.

Who weds a widow with three children takes four thieves into his house.

Who wants to teach others has to be learned himself.

Who wants to makes his friend his enemy should loan him some money.

Who wanders all the moors will taste all the berries.

Who touches all will see many a thing.

Who toils and moils will be helped by God.

Who talks a lot lies a lot.

Who takes care of a widow's 'hole' will inherit the heavenly kingdom.

Who takes care of a cat will take care of a horse too.

Who suffers will live long.

Who suffers will have no regrets.

Who strikes his father or mother his hand will grow out of the grave.

Who steals that also lies.

Who starts with small will end up with big.

Who starts well will finish badly.

Who starts something has to finish it.

Who sows what shall reap that.

Who sows evil shall reap perdition.

Who sows a wind will reap a storm.

Who shouts at home will bark away from home.

Who shears the sheep's head will live a couple of days, who shears its tail will live a hundred years.

Who shares is a king.

Who sets a bug on its feet on the path will step up the staircase.

Who sees a mote in other's eye will not see a beam in his own eye.

Who seeks something will get that.

Who seeks shame will find shame.

Who reminds of the past and recall what has been will have his ear cut off.

Who reminds of an old thing will have his eye picked out.

Who promises much will give little.

Who promises a lot will regret a lot.

Who never built a house thinks that the walls grow out of the ground.

Who looks for meat will find a bone.

Who loans his ass to someone else should shit through his ribs.