Books have led some to learning and others to madness.

Books have shown me horror and beauty.

Books don't only furnish a room: they also make the best holiday gifts.

Books should be both enlightening and entertaining.

Books make me feel safe. Books make me feel normal.

Books marketing has moved from the review culture to a preview culture.

Books do furnish a room.

Books are the bankers of the treasures of the mind.

Books are like my one and only joy.

Books are the air I breathe, so I don't notice the seasons.

Books are still the main yardstick by which I measure true wealth.

Books are humanity in print.

Books are finished.

Books are a finer world within the world.

Books became her friends, and there was one for every mood.

Books and harlots have their quarrels in public.

Books are absent teachers.

Books always help.

Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.

Books are like people, when they are open they are red.

Books are cool, but knowledge without mileage doesn't mean anything to me.

Books are what teach you about life. Books teach you empathy.

Books require titles; reading them doesn't.

Books Are Good For Lots Of Uses, Not For Dropping In The Toilet.

Books are not men and yet they stay alive.

Books and men left the same traces where they burned.

Books externalise our brains and turn our homes into thinking bodies.

Books have to be heavy because the whole world's inside them.

Books change us automatically, just as any experience does.

Books fall open, you fall in.

Books are really places, make no mistake about that.

Books are, let's face it, better than everything else.

Books are more real when you read them outside.

Books are beautiful for reading and they're also beautiful for holding.

Books were a closed book to Moist.

Books are a uniquely portable magic when you have USA Facebook likes.

Books were escape. Books were freedom.

Books are mirrors - you only see in them what you already have inside you.

Books are alive, you see. They're not dead, they're alive.

Books were a safe place, a world apart from my own.

Books were safer than other people anyway.

Books train your mind to imagination to think big.

Books were a necessary escape I always gladly jumped into headfirst.

Books may speak, but they do not listen.

Books may well be the only true magic.

Books were a lot less messy than orgasms.

Books are slow, books are quiet. The Internet is fast and loud.

Books ain't no good. A guy needs somebody to be near him.

Books and beer are the best and worst defense.