A dry bone is never licked.

Brotherly love for brotherly love, but cheese for money.

Every guest hates the others, and the host hates them all.

After shaking hands with a Greek, count your fingers.

Even the hen looks toward heaven when she drinks.

A day without work can yield a night without sleep.

A tailless dog cannot express his joy.

Fire is a good slave, but a bad master.

Don't put golden buttons on a torn coat.

You cannot turn blood into water.

You cannot hunt with a tied dog.

Work like a slave and eat like a gentleman.

Where a horse of a Turk passes the grass will not grow again.

Those who know how to praise also know how to lie.

There was anguish before there was man.

The wolf loves the fog.

The sun at home warms better than the sun elsewhere.

The stomach has no windows.

The monk gets married to please his friend.

The man who has eaten enough will never believe a hungry one.

The fox will catch you with cunning, and the wolf with courage.

The cat is a lion to the mouse.

Stroke the dog and he will mark you with his dirty paws.

She fries in her own grease.

Sharp acids corrode their own containers.

One eats figs whilst the other pays.

More lambs than sheep are slaughtered.

Love is sometimes difficult but death even more so.

It is easy to cut the tail of a dead wolf.

In times of need a pig is called uncle.

In the eyes of the mouse the cat is a lion.

In nature, there is no such thing as a lawn.

If your neighbor is an early riser, you too will become one.

If you have figs in your knapsack, everyone will want to be your friend.

If you fear God, you won't fear humans.

If you are in the house of a friend, bad times are soon forgotten.

He who leans against a big tree will always find shade.

He who is not drunk on a Sunday is not worth a greeting on Monday.

He who hesitates, regrets.

He who can read and write has four eyes.

Hard heads suffer much.

When you have no companion, look to your walking stick.

When you have given nothing, ask for nothing.

When a hundred men call a wise man a fool, then he becomes a fool.

When a Greek shakes your hand, count your fingers after.