Vinegar that is free, is sweeter than honey.

Walls have mice and mice have ears.

Even if a knife is made of silver, a person won't stab his own heart with it.

A river is not contaminated by having a dog drink from it.

What my heart desired didn't happen; what God wanted was really done.

A warm fire is better than any delicious food.

An intelligent enemy rather than a foolish friend.

Two watermelons can't be held in one hand.

In an ant colony, the dew is a flood.

Blood will have blood.

Fear the person who doesn't fear God.

The ungrateful son is like a wart on his father's face; to leave it there is unsightly, to cut it off is painful.

There is a path to the top of even the highest mountain.

Don't be a thief and won't fear the king.

Don't show me the palm-tree, show me the dates.

Five fingers are brothers but not equals.

Your aspirations are in heaven, but your brains are in your feet.

You talk sweet like the bulbul bird.

You stored your milk in a straining metal... and now you are complaining about bad luck?

You can't flee your lot nor share it with another.

You can use salt to prevent meat from rotting, but what will you use to prevent salt from rotting?

You can beat anyone if you have a golden slipper.

Without investigating the water, don't take off your shoes.

Without a green switch the ox and the donkey won't obey.

Whosoever eats bread without first washing his hands, it is as though he had sinned with a harlot.

While the butchers were arguing, the cow dropped dead.

Where the heart would go, there follows the foot.

Wealth belongs to the person who enjoys it and not to the one who keeps it.

Unless God does it, what can a doctor do?

Unfortunates learn from their own mistakes, and the lucky ones learn from other's mistakes.

Under his bowl there is a little bowl.

Two are better than one, and three than two.

Try out your shoes on your feet -- gauge people against their misfortune.

Too many butchers spoil the cow.

To speak ill of anyone is to speak ill of yourself.

Though God is almighty, he doesn't send rain from a clear sky.

They asked the fox, "Who is your witness?" He said, "My tail."

There is a way from heart to heart.

There is a doorway that connects two hearts.

There are twenty-five uncaught sparrows for a penny.

There are no greater prudes than those women who have their own dirty secrets to hide.

The yellow dog is brother to the wolf.

The world will not find rest by just saying "Peace".

The world lives on hope.

The world is the traveler's inn.

The wood is burnt, but the ashes are a nuisance.

The tree will not sway without a trace of wind.

The sun cannot be hidden by two fingers.

The seeker is the finder.