The boy looks into Mugwump eyes blank as obsidian mirrors, pools of black blood, glory holes in a toilet wall closing on the Last Erection.

Wouldn't you?

As one judge said to another judge: be just. And if you can't be just, be arbitrary.

All over America, people were pulling credentials out of their pockets and sticking them under someone else's nose to prove they had been somewhere or done something. And I thought someday everyone in America will suddenly jump up and say, 'I don't take any shit!' and start pushing and cursing and clawing at the man next to him.

The rudeness of many Americans depressed him, a rudeness based on a solid ignorance of the whole concept of manners, and on the proposition that for social purposes, all people are more or less equal and interchangeable.

Melancholy Baby dies from an overdose of time.

I was never tempted by any political program... I don't want to hear about the fucking masses and I never did.

The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself.

Like all pure creatures, cats are practical.

The old junky has found a vein... blood blossoms in the dropper like a Chinese flower... he push home the heroin and the boy who jacked off fifty years ago shine immaculate through the ravaged flesh, fill the outhouse with the sweet nutty smell of young male lust.

Human, Allen, is an adjective, and its use as a noun is in itself regrettable.

There is a Senate and a Congress who carry on endless sessions discussing garbage disposal and outhouse inspection, the only two questions over which they have jurisdiction.

The Industrial Revolution is primarily a virus revolution, dedicated to proliferation of identical objects and persons. You are making soap, you don't give a shit who buys your soap, the more the soapier.

How long does it take man to realize that he cannot want what he wants? You have to live in hell to see heaven.

Thinking is not enough. There is no final enough of wisdom, experience - any... thing.

An addict never stops growing. Stupider.

A chaotic situation is always deliberately produced. Ask yourself who or what sort of creature could benefit from such a situation.

Be just and if you can't be just, be arbitrary.

Americans have a special horror of giving up control, of letting things happen in their own way without interference.

Whether you like it or not, you are committed to the human endeavor. I cannot ally myself with such a purely negative goal as avoidance of suffering. Suffering is a chance you take by the fact of being alive.

We intend to destroy all dogmatic verbal systems.

Open your mind and let the pictures out.

Hemingway was a prisoner of his style. No one can talk like the characters in Hemingway except the characters in Hemingway. His style in the wildest sense finally killed him.

He remembers his fathers last words: Stay out of churches, son. All they got a key to is the shit house. And swear to me you'll never wear a lawman's badge.

For him, conscious intent was a form of prediction, and prediction is only possible when the status quo has reason to assume it will meet no significant opposition.

Man is a political animal' said Aristotle telling one of the greatest lies in human history. For every man has more in common with the hills and with the stars than with other men.

Moor did not have tuberculosis or kidney trouble or undulant fever.He was sick with the sickness of death.Death was in every cell of his body.

How did we all get here? Spot of trouble in our old countries.

Most of the trouble in this world has been caused by folks who can't mind their own business, because they have no business of their own to mind, any more than a smallpox virus has.

You must learn to exist with no religion, no country, no allies. You must learn to live alone in silence.

Love is a haunting melody that I have never mastered, and I fear I never will.

Nobody delivers on time except by accident.

Well as, one judge said to the other, 'Be just and if you can't be just be arbitrary.' Regret cannot observe customary obscenities.

You can't fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.

I would say for a great percentage of people, all they do is repeat their past. They really don't have a future at all.

The dark Gods of pain are surfacing from the immemorial filth of time...

Exterminate all rational thought.

Successful control means achieving a balance and avoiding a showdown where all-out force would be necessary.

How I hate those who are dedicated to producing conformity.

It is inconceivable that Homo Sapiens could last another thousand years in present form. People of such great stupidity and such barbarous manners. And what do years mean, apart from human measurement and perception? Does time pass if there is no one there to register its passing? Of course not, since Time is a figment of human perception.

The ears were large, flaring forward, the eyes limpid amber, in which the pupil floated like a glittering jewel, changing color with shifts of the light: obsidian, emerald, ruby, opal, amethyst, diamond.

NOTHING happens by coincidence.

Jesus Christ said 'by their fruits ye shall know them,' not by their disclaimers.

People in bars are always claiming to be boxers, hoping thereby to ward off attack, like a black snake will vibrate its tail in leaves and try to impersonate a rattlesnake.

A Johnson honours his obligations. His word is good and he is a good man to do business with. A Johnson minds his own business. He is not a snoopy self-righteous trouble-making person. A Johnson will give help when neeeded.

A cat's rage is beautiful, burning with pure cat flame, all its hair standing up and crackling blue sparks, eyes blazing and sputtering.

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.

Hustlers of the world, there is one mark you cannot beat: the mark inside.

The conversations had a nightmare flatness, talking dice spilled in the tube metal chairs, human aggregates disintegrating in cosmic insanity, random events in a dying universe.