Europe can be saved.

The future or the past - It's very simple: building the future, or a restoration of post-communism.

It is our historical experience, that Hungary can only live in wealth and safety if Berlin, Moscow, and Ankara are on our side and also interested in our success - even if we do not always agree on certain questions.

With a successful center-right party such as ours, it is hard for the radical right to find room to operate. This is why they repeatedly attack us in the ugliest manner. They attack us more than they attack the Jewish community or the 'Jewish conspiracy' - which they believe exists. I am one of their main targets.

Protecting a border is not a nice thing. It is not a matter of aesthetics; it cannot be done with flowers and teddy bears.

We are convinced that locking Russia out of Europe is not rational.

We'd accept Germany either allowing all migrants in or not allowing any in. But whatever Germany decides should only apply to Germany.

I don't think that our European Union membership precludes us from building an illiberal new state based on national foundations.

I think that with Donald Trump, the United States will have a president who is not ideologically limited; that is, he is an open person, much more interested in success, efficiency, and results than political theories.

Movement of people is taking place on an immense scale, and from a European perspective, the number of potential future immigrants seems limitless.

We don't go against the will of the people.

The leaders of Europe always seem to emerge from the same elite, the same general frame of mind, the same schools, and the same institutions that rear generation after generation of politicians to this day. They take turns implementing the same policies.

What is the basic principle of democracy? In the end, it is loyalty to the nation. We Central Europeans know from historical experience that sooner or later, we will lose our freedom if we do not represent the interests of our citizens.

Hungary was the only Central European country that was not able to create a new constitution after the collapse of the communist regime.

The strongest institution in the hands of the European Union is the euro.

Liberal democratic states can't remain globally competitive.

A European army must protect the continent from two sides, from the east and from the south, in terms of protecting against terrorism and migration.

Hungarian communists were the most talented. They convinced everybody that reforming the communist party was better than making a new party.

The main threat to the future of Europe is not those who want to come here to live but our own political, economic, and intellectual elites bent on transforming Europe against the clear will of the European people.

We would like to preserve Europe for Europeans.

Xenophobia is dangerous, but patriotism is a good thing.

Brussels' stance against Poland is not just... they should give more respect to the Poles.

President Erdogan has been my personal friend for a long time.

Take seriously the traditions, the Christian roots, and all the values that are the basis of the civilisation of Europe.

According to our estimates, the Hungarians working in the U.K. altogether pay more contributions and taxes than the benefits that they get. So we belong to the world of the fair working people.

Europe and European identity is rooted in Christianity.

We have promised to support India in its international aspiration. We have agreed to set up a working group on technology.

Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work or the population to sustain itself or for the country to have a future.

We need to fight to prove to people that it is possible to form an E.U. migration policy that is in line with the Hungarian national interest.

We must set up large refugee camps outside the E.U. with armed security and financial support provided by the Union.

The obstacle for us is not Islam, but the bureaucrats in Brussels.

If the world sees that we can defend our borders... then no one will try to come to Hungary illegally.

The Southern borders of Bavaria are being protected by Hungary.

We should involve the whole world in the handling of this refugee crisis.

I belong to Helmut Kohl's political pupils.

We must make it clear that our problem is not in Mecca but in Brussels.

We would like to make it quite clear that we are not migrants into the U.K. But we are the citizens of a state that belongs to the European Union who can take jobs anywhere freely within the European Union.

When a crowd rushes into your house without declaring its intention, it is, by definition, an invasion.

If you want to decide the question of migration without asking your citizens against the will of the people, you are fighting a losing battle.

The Hungarian interest is that, if necessary, we should make loan agreements with the IMF on a regular basis.

Kadar died as a mass killer, and the Hungarian nation can't forget that.

We will not import crime, terrorism, homophobia, and a brand of anti-Semitism that sets synagogues ablaze.

Fidesz's different air and its own culture must be preserved.

The most important thing is to defend the euro.

Turkey is a safe country. Stay there.

We are protecting Europe according to European rules that say borders can be crossed only in certain areas in a controlled way and after registration.

The foreign policy of the Democrats is bad for Europe and deadly for Hungary. In contrast, the foreign policy of the Republicans and proclaimed by presidential candidate Trump is good for Europe and means life for Hungary.

We interpret our agreement with the IMF - our participation in the IMF's system of cooperation - as a borrowing agreement. The IMF sees it as an economic policy agreement. This is not in our interest.

We can set it as a goal that taxes on labor would be even lower in Hungary... that we will have the cheapest energy in Europe, and that all those who want to work would have a job.