Don't look for approval in what everyone else is doing; look for approval from Almighty God.

God's not complicated - He's really not. And He helps people in their everyday life so that they can get better in relationships, in their job situations, in getting through grief.

We eat pretty healthy foods, and I've taught my kids since they were little about knocking out trans fats.

I don't question God.

There will be times when we do not agree on every decision or subject, but we should always believe in one another, support one another, and move forward through life together - connected.

Choosing forgiveness opens the door of your heart and makes way for a miracle in your life.

We should celebrate Christmas throughout the year, but I believe the whole concept of giving was the basis of Christmas, that it was a charitable, you know, giving, and I think we got carried away with giving.

We try to keep a good line of communication open with our children. It's not always about trying to just teach them every moment, but it's about listening to them and trying to understand them and gain that sense of communication so when they need to talk to someone, they know that we're there.

I am unable to give my best if I don't have my best to give.

I want to remind you today that the greatest Artist of all time created you. He dreamed about you long before you were born, before a single brushstroke of your life took place.

When we tend to the areas of life that are important to us, when we make those things a priority, that's when we will flourish in those areas.

You may not be like everyone else, but that's okay. Be who God made you to be.

When we obey God, we're not doing it for God... we're doing it for ourself. Because God takes pleasure when we're happy.

The thing is, God has already seen every twist and turn of your life. He already knows what's in your heart. He already knows the decisions you've made. He's just waiting for you to call on Him and be honest with Him like Jonah was.

It's no secret that in our society, and many before, people are trend followers. For some reason, they feel better about themselves if they are dressed in the latest fashion or have the newest tech gadget.

It's hard to argue with someone that won't argue with you.

We have to be careful not to look for confidence in the acceptance of others because true confidence only comes from knowing God.

Well, you know, I just - I believe marriage should between a man and a woman.

It's amazing what you'll discover if you start exploring what God has placed within you.

I just look at all the fruit and all the people's lives that are being changed and are being touched. And that's what we really focus on because we hear - every day we get mail, we visit with people, and their lives are being changed.

Know today that God approves of you. He's pleased with you. He may not always be pleased with your choices or some of the things you do, but when God looks at you, He sees His amazing creation.

A lot of things we're supposed to do are hard to do, but we can do them. They're always beneficial. Really, some things that are hard are beneficial.

Well, I - you know, the scripture says that God works by faith. And you have to have faith. You have to have trust in God so that God can work.

One thing is certain: our families are important. Don't get so stressed out and so preoccupied that we neglect one of the greatest things that God has given us, and that's our families.

Even in the tough times, He's still a good God.

In fact, we have a choice of freedom of heart to follow God.

I think that when you don't look at the good things around you, that you lose sight of all those good things. And you're not going to enjoy your life.

At the end of day, what matters most to God, what moves His heart, isn't our fancy words and impressive possessions - it's the condition of our hearts.

If you're not a parent, if you're an aunt or uncle or neighbor, books are an amazing gift.

As you keep your mind and heart focused in the right direction, approaching each day with faith and gratitude, I believe you will be empowered to live life to the fullest and enjoy the abundant life He has promised you!

Imagine Him smiling down on you right now. Embrace His love. Remember, you are His most prized possession, the apple of His eye!

It's important to recognize that forgiveness is more than mere words; it's a heart attitude that induces a spiritual transformation.

In some families, parents don't read or don't have the money to spend on books.

Don't fall into the trap of putting yourself last on the list or not even putting yourself on the list. That's not balance; it's not even healthy.

We are God's creation, and we have a responsibility to keep ourselves at our best.

Choose to be kind. Choose to forgive. Let your love grow and shine so that people may look at the example of your life and glorify God in Heaven.

As women, we're nurturers by nature. We want to make sure everyone is happy. That's a good thing, but we also have to put ourselves on that happiness list.

Just because you have a disagreement with your friends or family members does not mean there are not plenty of other areas on which you see eye to eye. It just means you have a difference of opinion.

At one time or another, we have all faced the temptation to disconnect by giving someone the silent treatment. After being married to Joel for more than twenty-one years, I have learned that is not the best way to handle a disagreement.

Let me encourage you, if someone has wronged you, and you still get that cringing feeling on the inside when you see or think about that person, take it to God and allow Him to keep your heart soft and sensitive.

If you're not careful, you can fall into a destructive cycle of self-pity.

You matter to God, and every detail of your life matters to Him.

We know what we are supposed to do and we don't want to do it, so we do the exact opposite anyway. And, it never goes well for us when we do that.

With His love, you can wake up every day with an attitude of faith and expectancy.

I bake a chocolate cake from scratch every week.

I think money helps us. It helps us. It's our - it's our exchange system. But it does not buy you happiness. It doesn't buy you health.

Children are our future, and God loves the children.

You are God's own masterpiece! That means you are not ordinary or average; you are a one-of-a-kind original.

Books are such a great way to spend time with your children, open lines of communication with your children, and just build that strong foundation.