Anybody who has spent time with the networks - in fact, you don't even have to spend time with the networks, all you have to do is just watch primetime TV - and you think, 'What the hell are they doing? I could run the network better.' And I think everybody feels that way.

There's going to be a picture of 'Mama' on my obit.

'Mama's Family' was kind of like everyone's guilty pleasure.

Some talk shows have become so exploitive and tabloid, I wonder if I can believe some of their guests. Where do they find these guests, and why do they deserve air time?

A lot of the things that loved ones say to each other, friends would never accept.

Yes, I love playing Mom.

I think it is a universal problem that we are so often cruel to the people we love.

Everyone has a crazy old lady in their family like 'Mama.' No one ever comes up to me and says 'Mama' is just like them, so no one is ever offended by her. Even young people like to laugh at her. I think she helps kids appreciate their own grandmothers more.

I went to UCLA, my dad's alma mater, and that was his dream.

I much prefer doing comedy. I get a little paranoid when the audience is not laughing.

I've always thought George Carlin was brilliant.

There is no such thing as a perfect mother.

There's nobody telling Oprah what to do. There's no one telling David Letterman what he can and can't do. You've got to have 100 percent support from everybody who's behind the show, across the board.

Dick Clark and I had such a hysterical relationship with each other.

When I hosted 'Win, Lose or Draw,' it was always fascinating to me that no one knew where anything was when they had to draw a destination.

The fun part for me is to just really push that envelope.

People would get Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence all mushed together in their brains, and, bless their hearts, it would come out Carol Lawrence.

I think the audience keeps it fresh for me. You just never know - every audience has its own personality.

This country wants to laugh. We want to, and we need to. I'm happy to oblige.

The thing that everybody loves about the 'Burnett Show' was that you felt like you were really there - all that fun stuff stayed in the show, and I think that's why everybody remembers it so fondly because that just doesn't happen anymore on television.

My parents raised me to believe that when one door slams in your face, turn around because there's probably another door opening up somewhere.

When I was in high school, in my generation, I thought that you got a logical, sensible job, or you got married.

Everyone has fond memories of 'The Carol Burnett Show' and the characters we did.

I go out and speak to women's groups all the time, and I say, 'Guys, you gotta laugh and find the humor in things. You gotta pass it on.'

I've been at it since 1967, and I still love it. There is nothing quite like making people laugh.

I think the Mama people remember is from 'Mama's Family.' She really turned into a pretty cool character. The sketches from the 'Burnett' show, if people are old enough to remember, were written by writers who all hated their mothers.

I always tell people I went to the Harvard School of Comedy in front of America.

Things have always sort of happened for me. Something else always comes up.

I didn't plan on going into show business. Show business picked me. And it's been fun. One of the best things about being in show business is people think they know me, and they feel like they grew up with me.

Making people laugh is what I really enjoy.

When you've got kids, you turn into Mom, and that's it.

I remember being totally enamored with Sid Caesar.

I think I'm pretty average. Typical.

I found that I need to work, and I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't taken the time off.

When the opportunity came along to do 'Win, Lose or Draw,' I took it selfishly to find out if I did enjoy being me on camera. And I did that for the last two years I was doing 'Mama's Family.'

My dad planned a road trip every summer, so we always did the road trip. We did the Eastern Seaboard and learned about the history of the United States.

Most of the cast and crew on 'Mama's Family' have been together since the 'Carol Burnett' days, so we work really well together. It's like I'm being paid to pretend I'm in show business.

It's just kinda what I did: played crazy old ladies.

I feel like my life has been very serendipitous and really kind of humorous. Everything that's happened to me has been like an, 'Omigod, are you kidding me?'

I was married for 10 minutes into a Southern family.

I don't get people baring their lives on television. Maybe it makes other people feel better about themselves. Is that what it is? You watch these people making total fools of themselves. It's like there's absolutely no privacy.

I definitely go with the flow because I feel like I have been so lucky, and so many things have happened to me that just never should have happened.

We all know him: everybody has an Archie Bunker in their family, so you love to laugh at him, and you never take it personally; everybody just has a ball laughing at him.

I never got to Broadway. I would love to do that.

What I learned was that celebrities come to me with a preconceived notion. They think I'm fun, or they've worked with me, or they know me, or we've met. So there's a lot of backstuff on the 'Vicki!' show.

It's special to have people see you and tell you, 'You make me laugh.' That makes me feel good. I think if you have the talent to do it, it's your duty to pass it on.

Tim Conway was a little different from the rest. He was always in the back of the studio building something with the prop man, rewriting his lines, or plotting our demise.

I had a hit talk show. I just wasn't working for the right people.

Everybody just told me from the day I went into high school that I looked like Carol Burnett.