If I'm connected to an idea, it just doesn't let me go. All I have to do is catch up to the image in my head by doing the practical steps to get there.

Seeing our kids as grown up and taking their places in the world is just fantastic.

Why was I so single-minded about acting? Acting wasn't in the family; no one went to the theatre in my street. It wasn't encouraged in my school.

I have a huge belief in the importance of bees, not just for their honey, which is a healing and delicious food, but the necessity of bee colonies that are vital to the health of the planet.

I'm largely health-conscious and work out during the week, but I don't punish myself at the weekends.

I'd like to see more female heads of studios because what's also being crucially lost is the female perspective: 50% of the population are not having their stories told.

When I first met Clint Eastwood, I bobbed him a curtsy. I still cringe about that to this day.

He's known as Sting. I have my own personal name for him, but that shall remain a personal name.

I think it's fascinating that people take an interest in a middle-aged married couple and what happens behind our closed front door.

I was not a very... um... not a very popular girl. I think a lot of it was, you know, no boo-hoo about it - but I looked pretty strange for the first few years of my life.

I think having a good yoga practice and a spiritual practice is a recipe for living well and, hopefully, living longer.

I don't believe in carbon offsetting. Planting 60 trees so you don't have to say your Hail Marys that night? It's a crock.

I nearly drowned in the Xingu River in Brazil some years ago. When I was given my life back, I decided I wanted to make some changes, so I left acting to concentrate on producing films. I wanted to be in control of my own life.

My life is to travel, and my life is also to speak out about the horrors of an environment that is being abused at the hands of oil companies.

The Trudie Styler that is spoken of is extremely privileged in life and feels that privilege.

We're a busy family. We like challenges, and we like to be fully engaged with life. I've done that as long as I've been with Sting.

I'm very emotional about my animals.

I don't feel I want to complain about anything that's said about me.

The scars on the face have always given me a sense that I'm not a very attractive person. I'm always unsure of myself, of my facial self.

I've had a few ghostly encounters.

We should be looking at the bigger picture. It's all very well going around driving our Priuses, but we have to look to our governments to make us less reliant on oil.

There's still this idea that women are over by the time they are 40, so that they can't play the love interest opposite a 50-year-old man. George Clooney is 52, but he's always on the arm of a thirt-something actress. He gets Vera Farmiga. You don't get a 50-year-old woman on the arm of a 30-year-old guy.

I like green juices in the morning, made from things such as kale, and cucumber and peppers; then in the afternoon, when the blood sugar goes down, I'll make a carrot, apple, and ginger juice.

I had operations up until I was 18, then revision on my scars to put back my eyebrows. So I've had a lot of what is called plastic surgery. And I have huge, huge respect for what that is.

I feel at home wherever Sting is - he's my home.

I got called Scarface at school.

I've never really had a sense that I am just Mrs. Sting. Indeed, I am Mrs. Sting and very proud and very happy that I am still Mrs. Sting, as opposed to Mrs. ex-Sting. But I'm a very busy person, so I've always done things and got on with my life.

As a producer, I'm quite nurturing, I like working with inexperienced, unseasoned directors.

Telling women's stories is really important.

Our body is the only one we've been given, so we need to maintain it; we need to give it the best nutrition.

I was operated on facially so much when I was young, and I had massive amounts of stitches.

I gave birth to our daughter Coco in Pisa, and it was a wonderful time in all our lives.

I always seem to have a good time when I'm interviewed. I really enjoy the whole process of meeting another person and having that exchange, but you know, if I'd read all my press collectively, I know I'd just say, 'Well, I don't think I'll ever be interviewed again, thanks very much!'

I have such a fortunate life that of course I will have my detractors. I have a very endowed life.

I'm a bit of a vegetable freak, so we'll often have four or five different varieties on the table.

I like juices and antioxidants. I'm a health nut.

In life, you see younger men and older women, and the majority of marriages don't have such a huge age gap as we're used to seeing in films.

I was brought up on a council estate in the countryside near Stoke Prior in Worcestershire, but I adored visiting the farm where my father worked.

We need to be creating products that incentivise women to come to the movies more.

I enjoy the riches of life.

I think I became an actress because I didn't know who I was, and I certainly didn't like the person I saw when I looked in the mirror.

I hope when people see that female-led production companies are working, there will be more of us.

I like producing, but I don't love it. I love acting. I got into producing because I had a bad time in 1989 when no work was coming in.

The film industry is driven by male narrative. Heads of studios are often men, teeming with male executives everywhere you look, and so the narratives we have the screenwriters usually for male leads. Women tend to be second string: the girlfriend of, the secretary who becomes.

I took up yoga when I was trying to get my figure back after having my third child, Coco.

In a way, bullying is an ordinary evil. It's hugely prevalent, all too often ignored - and being ignored, it is therefore condoned.

Sting and I need to think what our relationship is to England in the long term.

I'm not an unkind person, but by the same token, I'm not a people-pleaser.

Ashtanga yoga is a well known practice for keeping yourself fit and healthy. Yoga is good for my body.