I like being irritating.

OOO objects have all the abjection added back in. They don't behave like normalized patriarchal subjects at all.

My mates Dominic Boyer and Cymene Howe have put together thirty one episodes of a really really nice podcast at Rice as part of the Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The 'Cultures of Energy Podcast' is so good!

Aesthetic experiences are powerful, to be sure, and probably inescapable, but Nature will not remain effective for very long.

Ecological thought rejects consumerism at its peril.

I find it beyond stunning that there is a school of thought or two out there that swears we are into solids and that solids are bad and liquids are good.

I believe art is a way to attune to what reality is, which is a weird reality.

Kant described beauty as a feeling of ungraspability: this is why the beauty experience is beyond concept.

Nothingness is not nothing at all, so it is physical, but not in the sense of constant presence. Nothingness is disturbing. It is there in a mind-independent sense; it is part of what is given.

In my experience, academia is a World War 1 kind of a domain, and I do my best to avoid all that trench warfare.

Trivially speaking, ecological awareness means realising that beings are interconnected in some way, but then we have to figure out what this interconnection actually means.

The trouble with ecological invocations of Nature is that they're like calling for a medieval tool, perhaps a portcullis or an arrow slit, to fix a modern problem.

Always say less than you think you need. Inject some space into the conversation.

Since appearance can't be peeled decisively from the reality of a thing, attunement is a living, dynamic relation with another being.

It's very important that we keep our imagination, which is our capacity to open the future, awake at a time at which the urge to collapse into the fetal position is high.

I like to think of myself as the corniest, most awful thing you could possibly imagine.

Unfortunately, there are some ecological phenomenological chemicals within consumerism.

Does anyone recall hippies designing things for Generation X? Does anyone recall the elegance of that? How design was about making things simpler?

I can get quite well known, and then I can unleash this kind of anarchist-hippie thing that I've been holding like a very precious liquid, carefully, without spilling any, for years and years and years. And now I'm going to pour it everywhere.

Invoking Nature always measures the distance we have yet to travel to achieve real progress on environmental issues.

When I make music, I often sound better singing as a woman, go figure, so I like to tweak the format and pitch and suchlike of my recorded voice. Sounds better.

American voting districts are, across a lot of the country, deeply messed up by having been gerrymandered by right-wing politicians.

Being seen means that your being is held by the other person without comment, without praise or blame or indifference - just with some kind of open care.

The Left is correctly wary of talk about nonhumans in the key of Nature and its spiritual partner, humanity.

In the U.K. - correct me if I'm wrong - there is a legal definition of 'not being in possession of yourself' aka 'not being a person.' That's the fun thing: someone such as a lawyer needs to define, using some empirical signal, something supposedly transcendental like 'person,' something lawyers argue and argue about regarding, say, chimps in zoos.

An artist attunes to what things are, which means sort of listening to the future, which is just how things are - I think time is a sort of liquid that pours out of hatpins, underground trains, salt crystals. So a work of art is also listening to itself, because what it is never quite coincides with how it appears, too.

When you watch one person on stage trying to surmount their fate only in that very action to embody it, it's called a tragedy. When you see a lot of people doing it on stage, it's called 'Fawlty Towers.'

I love folding laundry.

You wouldn't believe how many philosophers are afraid of movement.

After a lifetime of listening to every Floyd album pretty much all the time - they're etched - 'Animals' is the one I can listen to again and again.

I've managed to persuade Yoko Ono to put some of her work in my Penguin book!

'Free speech' isn't speech at all if it's being used without listening, attention, or care.

I'm the absolute worst at getting jobs, ever. I had 100 rejections before I landed one. I kept all the letters in a folder until I realized I could just chuck them away.

We like to think, in our anthropocentric way, that irony means that you transcended something, but actually, what it means is that you've realised that you're stuck in something, and you have this kind of uncanny awareness of that, and there's not much you can do about that feeling of stuckness.

I used to keep a folder with all my rejection letters in it - a few years into having a job, I burned it.

A weird thing is a strange loop, what some of us call 'an object.' Thus it is looked down on by the constructivist spokespeople of anti-art, which is also an anti-products movement - the dominant mode of high art since the inception of the Anthropocene.

Inevitably, ecological awareness has this kind of '70s flavour to it.

An environment is precisely something one is unable to point to yet is strangely there nonetheless.

Bohm's 'ontological interpretation' was so called because of the bad rap the word 'ontology' has had in our correlationist age. As a bit of a put-down.

'Nowness' is a dynamic relation between the past and the future.

The noises Russia makes on the world stage are deeply misogynist, homophobic and racist.

We intellectuals are not stupid: we know the phenomenology of guilt is a bad photocopy of the phenomenology of thought, so it's much cheaper to press that button.

Symbiosis can fail in various different ways: if there's too much stomach bacteria in my stomach, I might have some problems. If there's too little, I might have some problems. There's a sort of dynamic system there.

It's easier to be Eric Idle than to be Paul McCartney.

Spending some money on the you who is going to get a job is essential.

Reductionism and elimination make one feel clever, but what happens when the meditator drops her fixation on feeling clever?

Psychologism holds that logical assertions are percolations of brains. Thus logic is a set of rules for how healthy brains operate. Aside from the infinite regress of a brain determining whether a brain is healthy, we have the infinite regress of the idea 'All concepts are brain percolations' being itself a brain percolation, on its own terms.

Our ecological emergency demands proactive choices, not reactive sideswipes.

Before there was Bjork, there was Prince. That's a very simple encapsulation of my personal pop life.