Excitement is the more practical synonym for happiness, and it is precisely what you should strive to chase. It is the cure-all.

Realistic goals, goals restricted to the average ambition level, are uninspiring and will only fuel you through the first or second problem, at which point you throw in the towel. If the potential payoff is mediocre or average, so is your effort.

Large, uninterrupted block of time — 3-5 hours minimum — create the space needed to find and connect the dots. And one block per week isn't enough.

True freedom is much more than having enough income and time to do what you want.

I'm not averse to making a lot of money. But where does that end? I hang out with people with hundreds of millions of dollars. Is that the standard by which I should measure myself? Where does that take you if you're in my business? I think it takes you to pretty dark, corrupt places.

On the Jar Of Awesome: When something great happens, you think you'll remember it 3 months later, but you won't.

When you try to something big it’s hard to fail completely.

Rule 1. Instead of fixating on the often nebulous “brand,think of how you can “own a categoryin the minds of 1000 die-hard fans who can then act as your strongest marketing force.

I've had a life full of doubts… mostly for no good reason.

When you're directed by social media, I think it's very easy to lose a sense of agency. And you can see it when you go to any subway station, you walk down any street in a city, you will see 70-80 percent of people staring into their phones as they walk or stand.

Could it be that everything is fine and complete as is?

In the last 12 months, I've used deloading outside of sports to decrease my anxiety at least 50% while simultaneously doubling my income.

Don't suffer fools or you'll become one.

You are the author of your own life, and it's never too late to replace the stories you tell yourself and the world.

Competition makes you better.

If I could only work 2 hours per week on my business, what would I do?

Instead of thinking of the repercussions of an action, you should also be asking yourself, ‘what are the costs of inaction?'

How can I throw money at this problem? How can I “wastemoney to improve the quality of my life?

It's very easy to confuse confident motion with being productive - and they're not the same thing. Productive to me means measurable outcomes that apply to my most important to-dos that positively affect my life. That's it.

The worst that could happen wasn't crashing and burning, it was accepting terminal boredom as a tolerable status quo.

I always thought I was going to end up teaching ninth grade, specifically, because I had a lot of really formative influences, I think, at that fork in the road, where a lot of crucial decisions are made by young folks.

On the Jar Of Awesome: There is a mason jar on my kitchen counter with JAR OF AWESOME in glitter letters on the side. Anything something really cool happens in a day, something that made me excited or joyful, doctor's orders are to write it down on a slip of paper and put it in this mason jar.

Enough is enough. Lemmings no more. The blind quest for cash is a fool's errand.

I think the ‘soft sell' is very undervalued.

My definition of luxury has changed over time. Now, it's not about owning a lot of stuff. Luxury, to me, is feeling unrushed.

If you look at the purported dangers of salt or fat, there is no consensus of support in scientific literature. So I would ask first: 'Is it possible to have an informed government that actually follows the science?' From what I've seen, it's not likely.

If you want to get your work done 50% faster in a given day, meditate for 20 minutes in the morning.

If you let pride stop you, you will hate life.

I really feel like knife skills - not just in the kitchen, but in life - are really critical.

If you only have time to read one article on marketing, make it 1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired Magazine.

If you make yourself laugh every once in a while, at least you will have fun. And that is perhaps the best strategy of all.

To feel more at peace and more successful, you don't need genius-level brain power, access to some secret society, or to his a moving target of “justand additional X dollars. Those are all distractions.

If the recipe sucks, it doesn't matter how good a cook you are.

My parents didn't have much money growing up, but they always had a budget for books.

Most people are fast to stop you before you get started but hesitant to get in the way if you're moving.

I was a very happy kid. I didn't get new bikes very often. We ate a lot of chicken legs for dinner. But I never felt in want of anything. I wasn't cognizant until much later of the discrepancy between what we had and what other people had.

I like work/life separation, not work/life balance. What I mean by that is, if I'm on, I want to be on and maximally productive. If I'm off, I don't want to think about work. When people strive for work/life balance, they end up blending them. That's how you end up checking email all day Saturday.

The more books there are on shelves, the more will be sold. Once you get to the level of The Secret and have 40-100 copies in many stores, managers have almost no choice but to put them in prime real estate like front-of-store, end caps, or front window.

If retirement means laying on a beach and rubbing coco butter on your stomach, about 48 hours of that will be enough for most people. You'll want something new.

Focus on what's in front of you, design great days to create a great life, and try not to make the same mistake twice.

For a long time, I've known that the key to getting started down the path of being remarkable in anything is to simply act with the intention of being remarkable.

Often, all that stands between you and what you want is a better set of questions.

The majority of my finances come from early-stage startup investing.

Which one of these, if done, would render all the rest either easier or completely irrelevant?

To become “successful,you have to say “yesto a lot of experiments. To learn what you're best at, or what you're most passionate about, you have to throw a lot against the wall.

If you do something as simple as 15-minute ice baths three days a week, and you time those baths properly, you can significantly multiply your fat loss.

If you hate shrimp, don't eat the goddamn shrimp.

People don't like being sold products, but we all like being told stories.

To enjoy life, you don't need fancy nonsense, but you do need to control your time and realize that most things just aren't as serious as you make them out to be.