For when they see the people swarm into the streets, and daily wet to the skin with rain, and yet cannot persuade them to go out of the rain, they do keep themselves within their houses, seeing they cannot remedy the folly of the people.

There are several sorts of religions, not only in different parts of the island, but even in every town; some worshipping the sun, others the moon or one of the planets.

Our emotional symptoms are precious sources of life and individuality.

And it will fall out as in a complication of diseases, that by applying a remedy to one sore, you will provoke another; and that which removes the one ill symptom produces others.

See me safe up: for in my coming down, I can shift for myself.

Friendship demands attention.

One of the greatest problems of our time is that many are schooled but few are educated.

He travels best that knows when to return.

An absolutely new idea is one of the rarest things known to man.

They wonder much to hear that gold, which in itself is so useless a thing, should be everywhere so much esteemed, that even men for whom it was made, and by whom it has its value, should yet be thought of less value than it is.

'Tis the last rose of summer Left blooming alone; All her lovely companions Are faded and gone.

Rules only make sense if they are both kept and broken. Breaking the rule is one way of observing it.

A friendship like love is warm; a love like friendship is steady.

To be educated, a person doesn't have to know much or be informed, but he or she does have to have been exposed vulnerably to the transformative events of an engaged human life.

If honor were profitable, everybody would be honorable.

I would uphold the law if for no other reason but to protect myself.

A little wonton money which burned out the bottom of his purse.

This hath not offended the king.

Ask a woman's advice, and whatever she advises, Do the very reverse and you're sure to be wise.

The channel is known only to the natives; so that if any stranger should enter into the bay without one of their pilots he would run great danger of shipwreck.

I die the king's faithful servant, but God's first.

By confronting us with irreducible mysteries that stretch our daily vision to include infinity, nature opens an inviting and guiding path toward a spiritual life.

A little wanton money, which burned out the bottom of his purse.

Those among them that have not received our religion do not fright any from it, and use none ill that goes over to it, so that all the while I was there one man was only punished on this occasion.

Whoever loveth me, loveth my hound.

The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.

And, indeed, though they differ concerning other things, yet all agree in this: that they think there is one Supreme Being that made and governs the world, whom they call, in the language of their country, Mithras.