I'm a bit of a curmudgeon. I don't like Valentine's Day and New Year's and Halloween.

Married life is the same as dating life, except now you have a ring, and the state of California has a vested financial interest in the outcome of your marriage.

I was voted valedictorian, and at my school it wasn't based on grades; that was the popular vote.

I laugh at stuff like Snapchat thinking it can change the world.

I was a little bit of a tech lord. Not a lord. More of a duke or a nobleman. I was into that stuff as a kid. Nothing too crazy.

With YouTube streaming and Twitch and all that, you can just hop on on any given night and play videogames and have people come watch you. And even if you've only got 400 people watching your stream, that's more people than would see my comedy if I went to UCB.

I've had the fortune of meeting most of the 'Kids in the Hall.' One meeting was special in particular because this was before I had gotten anything, before anything was clicking, and I just found myself hanging out with Scott Thompson.

It's not as if I've never been awkward myself. I'm a big gamer, so I've had access to that type of personality. I used to go to these LAN parties; that was before high-speed Internet. The only way you could get lag-free gaming was to haul these huge computers to people's houses.

I went from being the shy weirdo to the class clown in a couple of years.

Both the benefit and the terrifying aspect of standup is when it's going poorly, you've only yourself to blame. There's no one to bail you out. But when it's going great, all that approval is for you.

I'm into computers and have been for a while.

Ricky Gervais, met him a couple times. He wouldn't remember it.

People go on Snapchat - I don't understand it. It's the first app I felt, 'Oh no, I'm out of touch with burgeoning technology. I'm not 16!'

I grew up on '80s action movies... Jean Claude Van Damme, Schwarzenegger, Stallone... If there were ever some opportunity to do that, it'd be great.

I'm kind of a sports guy.

You can't predict the future, and you've got to go with your gut on these things, and I'm sure if you speak to a laundry list of CEOs and people who have gone through the startup process themselves, they'll say it's an endless hurdle race, and you are inevitably going to catch your legs on hurdles, and it's just how you roll with that.

I wanted to be like 'Kids in the Hall.'

I'm undeniably very nerdy, but I'm trying to recognize and pursue more masculine pursuits.

All the sharky elements of Hollywood are similar to sharky elements in Silicon Valley. It's obviously different, but the deals are the same. And you get hot, then you're not.

I still like farts. I still think farts are some of the funniest things.

I want to work with Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, the Coen Brothers, or Spike Jonze.

I was just a bit of a loner as a young boy. And very, very sensitive. Ever the emotional young thing.

I'm a Windows guy. I have been for many, many years. I play games, and it's where games run, baby.

Chicago was where I realized that improv is its own thing, its own art form. And through that, you kind of develop a work ethic of not selling it short.

My choice growing up was the 'Star Wars' role playing game. At that time in the Nineties, they had a pretty robust pen and paper system.

I need some more followers! I need to get my stats up to a million so I can make any movie with The Rock I want!

I like my flight sims because I can set up a very robust joystick setup and my head tracking software.

Even if things are going well, I'm always thinking that I'm about to be hit with the dreaded gut punch and - psych! - I'll find out that it's all falling apart.

Basically, if you like 'Deadpool,' you'll love 'Captain Underpants.'

It's not about creating 22 episodes indefinitely for as long as you can do.

I'm more nerdy in a sense of, like, video games and Dungeons and Dragons and Renaissance Faire. But not nerdy in a sense that I know how to create apps.

Sometimes you just need words on a page to memorize.

I'm always trying to do weird things - when you have that part of your mission statement as an actor, half of that stuff that ends up being made is probably garbage.

I've always been a gamer. I play a version of Dungeons & Dragons.

I met Mike Judge when I was working on my own cartoon for MTV; it did not air. But I got on with Mike and then did a few voices on 'Beavis and Butt-Head' because of it.

Twitter is maybe the worst thing. It's cool when you can tweet out your show and be like, 'Hey, come see my show,' or 'Check out this Kickstarter,' but it's also this weird 140-character vehicle for insidiousness.

I grew up in a hippy town, so I did my playing outdoors and skiing and all that, but then I also had my nerd friends that I went and hosted LAN parties with, get my 'Counter-Strike' on.

I don't want to make some super cliche comment about how much more acceptable gaming is. I think it was always acceptable for me and my peers. But I think it's become more so in pop culture, media, stuff like that - people with money have discovered that they can make money by marketing to us.

I wasn't necessarily always funny, I don't know if I necessarily am - some would argue not - but I was definitely, always been a strange one. Definitely always an odd duck.

I'm definitely not frowning on improv; I mean, I've been doing it for years. I just think that there's some styles of comedy that warrant a tighter pace.

I am an unabashed HBO fan. This is why being on 'Silicon Valley' is kind of like a dream.

It's an absurd world - you know, billionaires in Birkenstocks. But I'd rather have nerdy tech guys as the next Carnegie than oil tycoons.

Improv is always seen as something that's funny, but worth a $5 ticket, $10 at most. I think ISC is one of those shows that is worth a real ticket price. It's hard-hitting and great and different every time.

I'm going to be all over your TV for the foreseeable future.

I make very basic country rustic furniture.

I've spoken to people in Silicon Valley, and many times they have said to me, 'X storyline, or that thing that happened in your show - pretty much verbatim has happened to me.' And it's either identical or similar enough to be scary.

I went to University of Victoria on Vancouver Island and their theater program.

It's like PlayStation-Xbox. I like both. So nothing against Mac, but I do use Windows.

At the end of the day, I want to play characters that interest me.