You know, I don't know what the future will bring, but I'm ready for whatever comes!

I only learn from the people I work with.

I just make films that attract me.

There's nothing like not washing your teeth or washing your face or brushing your teeth in the morning.

My cousin, Rip Torn, persuaded me not to change my name. You shouldn't change what you are in the search for success.

I used to play softball every summer back in Quitman. My two brothers demanded I be tough. There were certain girls they wouldn't let me invite over because they were too feminine and fragile.

I think giving up people is a difficult thing.

It's really nice when the studio is behind what you're doing, because that's often not the case.

I had a dozen years to act before starting a family, then found that motherhood dwarfed everything else. Once or twice a year, I take a project that appeals to me for its redeeming social value.

Living in New York always felt to me like living in the middle of a carnival. It never stopped. There was something very exciting about it.

Hollywood is like a piranha. They don't give you breathing room. You don't have time to let your career breathe.

I go where the good work is being done.

Texas is just so rich with characters. Women who live alone in a little house on a thousand acres with nothing but cattle and a pickup truck. And an airplane.

That was the magical thing about the Seventies: artists ruled. Because films were relatively low-budget, nobody cared. We could just go off and work.

My biggest thrill in life is to read in the afternoon until I fall asleep and take a nap.

The important thing is to be part of a good project with good, talented people.

I actually never got in a play in school. My teacher said I never learned my lines.

It's difficult to just let go of a character. Especially after you've been preparing and researching for weeks.

Our life is our life. If we waste it, we're fools.

Oftentimes you read scripts, and you get to one and you think, 'OK, is this good, or is this just better than all the other ones that I have been reading?'

Nothing in life prepared me for the way I felt about being a mother. Until then, I sort of felt like a blank sheet of paper. I was always trying to second-guess myself, to be what others wanted me to be.

My daughter is far more talented than me in the songwriting department - far more.

With my coloring, I'm nothing in black and white. I've seen my films sometimes on black-and-white TV. Disaster.

I like horseback riding. I like to hike. I play guitar and sing.

Rarely in film acting do you get to do a scene for very long.

I connect with just plain old everyday people. Human behavior fascinates me, the people who are the nuts and bolts of this country who help hold up the world.

You want to live your life and live it just as fully and as deeply as you can. That's your deep well of reserve. That's where you get all your - the fodder for your work.

I like to do films that I would want to go see, basically. I'm not out to make a fast buck.

There have been several television movies, 'Carrie 2,' two musicals! I remember thinking, the first time there was a musical on Broadway, 'Oh my gosh! The people who ordinarily go to the theaters, that's not really the audience.'

Everybody who loves me calls me Sissy, so I guess that's just who I am. When I'm 80, they'll still be calling me Sissy. Oh, well, I guess there are worse things.

One day, it just dawned on me that I'm from Texas, and that's what I am.

I'm not very big. But I've got a big bark and a lot of heart.

I've always been a people-watcher, and as an actor, later, I just mined all those little details.

I studied homeopathy for years and years. Herbs and all kinds of acupuncture, acupressure, alternative medicine. I think it's just better to treat the whole person.

The business has been good to me.

I think the movie business, you meet people, and you work intensely with them, and you have these relationships - there's an intimacy to it and a familiarity to the relationship because you're having to let go of all your barriers so you can let people in and work with them.

For me, I never really wanted to be in a 'Sissy Spacek' vehicle. That was not my intention. I got to be the 'Everygirl.'

I lived an idyllic 'Huckleberry Finn' life in a tiny town. Climbing trees. Tagging after brothers. Happy. Barefoot on my pony. It was 'To Kill a Mockingbird'-esque.

I've been into exercise my whole life, been a runner and been into health and fitness always.

There's kind of a time you get warned about where the rug gets pulled out from under you: beyond ingenue, before you get into character stuff.

If I hadn't left Texas, I might not have met the director Terrence Malick, and I wouldn't have met my husband and I wouldn't have had the children that I've had. Life is interesting like that.

I think that we all fantasize about that teeny tiny time in the film industry when women ruled, back in the '40s.

I am a woman of simple tastes.

Our perception of celebrities in Hollywood is not the reality. The reality of our lives is so much like everyone else's life. We have family members we love, everyone gets up in the morning, they have three meals a day and they go about their business.

The name Sissy came because my brothers called me that.

Fame sweeps you away. I had to go home every six months to remember who I am.

It's not seeing myself 40 feet tall on a movie screen - it's the work. That's what thrills me.

I think people in the north and the south and the east and the west, anywhere they come from, are just as interesting, and they're humans. They have the same realm of emotions that we all have. But I'm just more drawn to the Southern character and the different types, and Southern literature is so lyrical and so wonderful.

Just about every town in Texas has a beauty pageant. Ours was called The Dogwood Fiesta. I was in one of those. I played the guitar and sang - and lost.