Politics is all a matter of timing.

We want the media to enjoy its right of freedom.

I have been worried about the future of Mumbai. It is the financial capital, an economic powerhouse that earlier had the highest air traffic, high port traffic, and strong industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Globally, the highest number of irrigation projects are in India, and within the country, the highest number is in Maharashtra.

In politics one should not expect big jumps. Everything takes time.

I feel proud when a player from Jammu and Kashmir plays for India. This shows cricket has reached all corners of the country.

As far as my involvement in the Bajaj family affairs is concerned, it is a friendly gesture.

I have been to China. I noticed that wherever you went, you could ask an ordinary citizen, and he would explain, in detail, about free markets and all the other jargon of liberalisation.

People don't understand complex issues.

Sena under the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray has failed. It is a party on the decline, and that decline started the day Maharashtra Navnirman Sena was formed.

Party politics must be transcended to resolve pressing issues like agrarian matters or other similar issues.

Running a government as chief minister and managing affairs of the nation are different things.

I was never sent to Kashmir on any secret mission. I want to make that position clear.

One has to swallow a bitter pill to get cured.

The government under Manmohan Singh is treating all political partners in a dignified manner.

Without dialogue, you cannot run parliament. You have to interact.

We have to be guided by the interest of society and the development of the state.

When there is a calamity, don't think about the party, think beyond the party.

I had quit the Congress to form the Progressive Democratic Front in 1978.

This Sonia Gandhi thing should be seen in perspective - the people of India have an emotional attachment to the family. And why not? Three of the five Congress prime ministers belong to that family. The people empathise with the family name.

I have been president of the Indian Kabbadi Association, and likewise, I have been associated with various other sports as well.

We want those responsible for the attack on Zee TV to be arrested and punished.

One should not treat investors or a person who has set up an industry and is a successful businessman as criminals in this country. I am fully aware that everybody has a right to succeed, and success should be with ethics.

When I was agriculture minister, we drafted specific policies to tackle the agrarian crisis.

If a politician is a successful administrator, certainly he has got every right to administer cricket.

The agriculture ministry has to see that their good research percolates down to the fields through the state agricultural departments and the 70-odd state agricultural universities.

Emotionally, a person is tied to the land of his birth. It's only human.

Government should make tough decisions in the larger national interests, even if it upsets the people.

I entered politics in 1967; since then, continuously, I am getting elected... Fortunately I never lost the elections.

In India, no one becomes prime minister before they are in their mid-70s.

My lower and upper teeth had to be removed.

Marriage is no substitute for political experience.

It is often remarked that I am very close to Mr. Modi. But when it comes to issues of national importance, I've never indulged in politics or considered whether the Prime Minister is from the opposition.

Normally, I work 18 hours a day.

I am very active in the co-operative movement. I am very active in agro-industrial growth. I am taking up the issues of the farmers of India. I am active in the field of education.

In 1978, when I was a non-Congress chief minister, we distributed surplus wheat among labourers. Later, when we visited a village, I asked a labourer whether he knew who sent the wheat. 'Yes, Indiraji - only Indiraji helps the poor.' Indiraji was a symbol for the weaker sections.

I was leader of the Opposition when Vajpayee was PM. We attacked policies, not personalities, neither inside or outside the House.

If an industrialist can sell his products anywhere in India and the world, why should a farmer not be allowed to do so?

Sharad Pawar is paying tax.

Mr. Modi has to take instructions from Nagpur, and whatever Nagpur says, he will do.

Indian cricketers need more exposure, and as cricket administrators, we need to beef up the domestic circuit. Only then will fresh talent come up.

I could never muster the courage to speak to girls in my college in Pune. Most of them were Parsis and spoke English. I came from a village and could barely converse in English.

Yes, Vajpayee and Advani are very clever speakers, but that does not mean everything they say is true.

It is the responsibility of the government to ensure the House functions.

BJP is a national party which runs the central government, and if I can take a decision on the future of all these parties, I must be a capable person. I am grateful that everybody is accepting my capability.

I am not an expert in medical field.

It was not a state secret that I would call on Thackeray. I was not hiding anything.

I am fully aware that everybody has a right to succeed, and success should be with ethics.

For running a country, team work is important, and the person at the helm has to enjoy teamwork.