Your background and environment is with you for life. No question about that.

Only 4 percent of all the companies owned in Scotland have their head offices in Scotland.

I left Scotland when I was 16 because I had no qualifications for anything but to join the Navy, having left school at 13.

Everything I have done or attempted to do for Scotland has always been for her benefit, never my own and I defy anyone to prove otherwise.

I don't understand if you get caught in a fight, but take it out on a room, how that implies some psychiatric disorder.

When you hear someone from the very north of Scotland speaking, I think its nice, very musical and harmonious.

More than anything else, I'd like to be an old man with a good face, like Hitchcock or Picasso.

There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man.

I have no shortage of material or offers, it's just a case of what you select to do. But I think it's realistic that my chances of playing Romeo are now over.

I'm fed up with the idiots... the ever-widening gap between people who know how to make movies and the people who green-light the movies.

Perhaps I'm not a good actor, but I would be even worse at doing anything else.

Scotland should be nothing less than equal with all the other nations of the world.

To cultivate an English accent is already a departure away from what you are.

There's a lot of fantasy about what Scotland is, and the shortbread tins and that sort of thing.

I'm swimming every day and I'm even trying to get the golf swing working again - but that might take a little bit longer.

I met my wife through playing golf. She is French and couldn't speak English and I couldn't speak French, so there was little chance of us getting involved in any boring conversations - that's why we got married really quickly.

The Irish seem to have more fire about them than the Scots.

I like women. I don't understand them, but I like them.

I am not a politician and I have no intention of being one.

I've never kept a record of anything.

There's one major difference between James Bond and me. He is able to sort out problems!

There's something fundamentally wrong with a system where there's been 17 years of a Tory Government and the people of Scotland have voted Socialist for 17 years. That hardly seems democratic.

If America had been discovered as many times as I have, no one would remember Columbus.

Some age, others mature.

It's a kind of madness in cosmopolitan cities now.

It would almost need a Mafia-like offer I couldn't refuse to do another movie.

I'm an actor - it's not brain surgery. If I do my job right, people won't ask for their money back.

Love may not make the world go round, but I must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile.

I don't think there is anything particularly wrong in hitting a woman, though I don't recommend you do it the same way that you hit a man.

I'm an easy target because of my political opinions.

If anything could have pulled me out of retirement, it would have been an Indiana Jones film.

Everyone talks about how they knew the Bond films were going to be a success, but it simply isn't true.

Laughter kills fear, and without fear there can be no faith. For without fear of the devil there is no need for God.

I have always hated that damn James Bond. I'd like to kill him.

There's always a new challenge to keep you motivated.

I don't think I'll ever act again. I have so many wonderful memories, but those days are over.

I haven't found anywhere in the world where I want to be all the time. The best of my life is the moving. I look forward to going.

You know, the Oscar I was awarded for The Untouchables is a wonderful thing, but I can honestly say that I'd rather have won the U.S. Open Golf Tournament.

I've always been hopeful about Scotland's prospects. And I now believe more than ever that Scotland is within touching distance of achieving independence and equality.

I just think the most difficult thing to displace is privilege.

I never trashed a hotel room or did drugs.

I don't know anything about baseball.

I still pay full tax when I work in England and the same when I work in America.

I admit I'm being paid well, but it's no more than I deserve. After all, I've been screwed more times than a hooker.

I unfortunately don't speak French, but my wife is now fluent in English, which really reflects rather badly on me.

I care about Bond and what happens to him. You cannot be connected with a character for this long and not have an interest. All the Bond films had their good points.

I am not an Englishman, I was never an Englishman, and I don't ever want to be one. I am a Scotsman! I was a Scotsman and I will always be one.

There are women who take it to the wire. That's what they are looking for, the ultimate confrontation. They want a smack.

The knighthood I received was a fantastic honour but it's not something I've ever used and I don't think I ever will.